Biafra: NNAMDI KANU HAS FINISHED NIGERIA, This was what he meant when he said

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NNAMDI KANU HAS FINISHED NIGERIA....This was what he meant when he said that he has evidence to sink Nigeria if allowed to give testimony in court. Many more are coming from where this came from.

Before his court appearance on the 10th of January 2017, Nnamdi Kanu has released the most explosive secret about Biafra hidden from the world for nearly 50 years. It is believed his lawyers in Europe are the people responsible for this selective leaks to coincide with his court appearance.

It is understood that Trump's team in America will be receiving all the damaging information as well.

His target remains Nigeria, Gowon and Buhari that he has sworn to destroy.

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  1. Talk talk and talk too much empty talk with no serious plan of action. How you guys think serious people will take you serious is beyond belief!
    Wish you guys should steer clear and shut up so genuine Biafrans that do not want to be noticed while doing the work the right way will step up and take over before its too late. Majority of such people will not risk you guys unguarded noise and exposing of everything especially when it is something good that does not come from you, thereby spoiling their secret plans! Is there anything that can be said that is not already known? And if at all there is, is he supposed to be ranting like that while in their captivity? 'Typical black-man' doing 'freedom fighting' as he often castigates black people yet has so far shown to be worse than many in reasoning right!

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