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1) Nnamdi Kanu has restructured the leadership structure of IPOB with immediate effect- there is nobody or position of Coordinator of Coordinators. CoC title is abolished.

2) Only two persons can authoritatively claim they are speaking for Nnamdi Kanu and they are: Deputy Leader Uche Mefor and Head of the Directorate of State (HDoS) Chika Edoziem. Through these two individuals, Nnamdi Kanu runs IPOB on a day to day basis. So the fact KANU cannot address the media directly or call media interviews has no effect on the potency of the struggle because he still runs IPOB on a daily basis. Anything they say or do has prior authorisation of the leader and should not be questioned.

3) Radio Biafra broadcasting from our studios in London remains the only authentic voice of IPOB worldwide. Hausa Fulani uncircumcised Alimajiri are busy opening radio stations in the name of Biafra to confuse our people and destroy the struggle from within. They have willing tools in some disobedient egomaniacs expelled from IPOB who would do anything to satisfy their Northern masters by seeking to undermine IPOB from within. Avoid these chameleons like the contagious disease they are.

4) Our former IPOB Embassy in Vittoria Basque Country Spain is shut down permanently. Any person or persons transacting any form of  business with that office in the name of IPOB is doing so at his or her own risk. The public is hereby warned to disengage every involvement with that office. Our new embassy is in Cologne Germany with administrative headquarters in London.

5) Any public notice, directive or announcement made by our Deputy Uche Mefor or Head of Directorate of State Chika Edoziem should be regarded as gospel and the authentic views of IPOB Supreme Leader Nnamdi Kanu.
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