30th May Sit At Home: IPOB Congratulates Biafrans and Hail Total Compliance

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We the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide wish to congratulate all Biafrans and lovers of freedom all over Biafraland and various parts of  Southern Nigeria who contributed immensely towards the successful outcome of our heroes remembrance day by sitting at home as directed by the leadership of IPOB. We salute the uncommon courage, determination and resoluteness of all Biafrans that defied the military threats, intimidation from Arewa Consultative Forum and South East governors to sit-at-home across the length and breadth of Biafraland.

We commend the people of Ogoni, Idoma, Igede, Igala and others who afforded to observe and remember those that sacrificed their lives for us to be alive today. From Ogoja in the east to the border town of Igbanke in the west; from the Oturkpo in the north to the island of Bonny in the south, Biafrans observed in their own unique way a day of solemnity, reverence and respect for our departed heroes.

Pictures and video evidence abound to lend incontrovertible credence to the fact that Biafraland obeyed IPOB sit-at-home order on May 30, 2018. Those  Fulani slaves in government houses in the South East should cover their faces in shame. They threatened fire and brimstone yet the people ignored them and obeyed IPOB. We expect them to sponsor publications seeking to downplay the effectiveness of our sit-at-home directive but that is of no consequence to us. No matter what they do, the material evidence detailing full compliance on social media and other platforms will forever indict them.

We also salute the indefatigable spirit of IPOB family members in the diaspora that rallied in over 100 countries across Europe, Asia, America, Australia, South America and Africa. From the rising of the sun in the east to its setting in the west, all over the world, Biafra resonated like never before.

We are even more grateful to the people of Ebonyi and Anambra States for standing firm to honour our heroes and in the process calmly reminded Gov. Dave Umahi and Willie Obiano that Ebonyi and Anambra are not yet the Fulani outpost they are seeking to make it. Both states are firmly Biafran states and shall remain so long after they are gone from this earth.

If one thing became clearer as a result of this 2018 sit-at-home, it is the fact that people listen to IPOB not South East governors or Ohaneze Ndigbo. Roll on Biafra referendum later this year.

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