Allow Free Press Coverage And Release All Detained Journalists - IPOB Orders Umahi

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April 23 2020 | IPOB

The attention of the great family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide has been drawn to the incessant harassment, humiliation and arrest of innocent journalists in Ebonyi State since the beginning of this year 2020 by Dave Umahi.

Gov. Dave Umahi has not stopped harassing and giving threatening messages to journalists in Ebonyi state over their insistence in exposing through their factual reports, the ongoing genocides and unprovoked attacks against hapless Ebonyi people by Fulani herdsmen, terrorists, and security operatives in some instances. Governor Dave Umahi and his foot soldiers in Abakaliki Government House have never hidden their sympathy for the Fulani cabals behind the mass atrocities in Biafra land including Ebonyi State just because of his selfish political ambition.

It's no longer in doubt that Ebonyi State Governor Dave Umahi and his co-conspirators have been strategically supporting the humiliation and killing of Ebonyi people since he took over office in 2015. Under governor Dave Umahi's watch in Ebonyi State, journalists who believe in reporting truths are no longer safe.

In the last four days Governor Dave Umahi has ordered the arrest of Sun Newspaper's Correspondent in Ebonyi state, Mr Chijioke Agwu. Not done yet, just yesterday (Tuesday) 21st of April 2020, the LGA Chairman in Ebonyi state who was acting on the instructions of Dave Umahi ordered the arrest of Mr Peter Okutu Vanguard Newspaper's Correspondent in the state. These journalists committed no crime other than exposing the atrocities of terrorists and security agents against innocent Biafrans in Ebonyi State.

We, therefore want to put the world on notice how this Saboteur Governor is conniving with the enemies to suppress his own people. We equally want to remind Gov. Umahi that we have been watching and monitoring his actions.  His recent antics to arrest innocent journalists for reporting the truth will not go unpunished.

It remains a puzzle that Gov. Dave Umahi will turn a blind eye during Fulani herdsmen invasion as well as soldiers' and police killing of innocent people in his State only to resort to intimidation and arrest of innocent journalists for reporting the truth. We advise Dave Umahi and his agents to retrace their steps because on the day of reckoning, their slave masters in Abuja and Sokoto cannot save them.

Governor Dave Umahi must stop his infamous clamp down on innocent journalists because they committed no crime against his government. It is the right and duty of journalists as the watch dog of society, to expose atrocities of both criminals and state actors for the good of all. IPOB will no longer tolerate intimidation, humiliation and arrest of innocent Biafrans including journalists and others residents for no just cause.


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike

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