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Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are the original inhabitanst and owners of the Lands and Communities of Biafra and Biafraland spanning centuries of tradition and historical ancient cultural ties.They are presently located in the areas called South East, some parts of South South and Middle Belt of Nigeria. They are simply under occupation, servitude and modern day slavery under the Hausa-Fulani controlled Nigerian establishment.


  1. I am San Tomean filmmaker.
    I am currently working on a research documentary on the Biafra-San Tomé airbridge and I would like to establish contact with then-children who have sought escape from the war through this mechanism.
    I would appreciate your help or advice in finding their whereabouts and contacts.

    Please find me available to provide any information or necessary proceedings.

    Thank you very much.
    Best wishes,


    All campaigning to dialogue with Buhari and state of Nigeria are our enemies and must be neutralized as quickly as possible because there are mess to the journey to promise land(Biafra - SS & SE).

    Gowon, Buhari, OBJ, etc must see rapt of wickedness now because we have lost too many things, our children, men and women.

    We are not to tolerate hausa/fulani and western region must see how painful it worths to kill innocent Biafrans. Gowon, Buhari, OBJ, etc are proud because they killed over 4.7 million Biafrans since 1960.

    Posted by:

    The Endowed Prof.(Dr.) Phillip C. Ofume & Associates

  3. I want to state categorically that we have now awaken our consciousness for freedom and independence from Hausa Fulani Terrorist. Let's develop an online application where eligible Biafrans will vote for independence and liberation from Hausa Fulanis so that it will be clear to the world that we are forced to in Nigeria.

    There is nothing to show that we are one in this enclave called Nigeria. As discrimination goes on virtually every thing. Let Biafrans wake up and fight these monsters (Hausa Fulani) through international diplomacy as they have monopolized the military. Turning repentant Boko Haram terrorists against Biafrans.

    May the soul of His Majesty Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu rest in the bossom of the Lord. Amen

  4. I'm Igede i solidly believe in Biafra,Biafra land of rising sun!! God bless Biafra

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  6. A dream I had some 15yrz ago is being fulfilled right before my eyes, no body told me about it, I'm sure that I never heard about uwazulike by then, I was living in South Africa, I did a 10 tracks musical album and on the cover picture of the album I was standing as the letter I in biafra, on a wall written biafra, I did not know what prompted me to have somebody write biafra for me with graffiti on a wall, I remember explaining myself to some of the locals who asked, what do you mean biafra, and I told them that was my nation, I'm not Nigerian was what I answered

  7. i p o b where is your contact email and phone

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  9. Greetings ipob representative:

    Though I abhor violent speech, I sincerely sympathize with your struggle to pay due homage to your ancestors, family, and fellow Nigerians, who's dignity is unrequited under the Nigerian government to free Biafra. I will be subscribing to the Telegraph newsletter in the near future. Meanwhile, I was interested in where I maybe able to purchase wholesale Biafran logo paraphernalia? Your web-site and soon the newsletter, will offers me a wealth of information that will enable this novice merchant the ability to fully engage perspective customers with your products in support of your cause for dignity, truth, and justice. Thank you in advance for your dedication and time in all matter for a free Biafra.

  10. God bless Biafraland.............Am an Isoko man and am ready live and die for the actualization of The United People of Biafra. i have a flag of Biafra in my village and some hausa policemen cam that i should remove the flag and i said over my dead body and everyone at my village came out and we drove them way. God bless Biafra

  11. God Bless Biafra. I am willing to do anything good for the sake of Biafra, I am ready to help in heavy supply of Hardware equipment to Biafra if the need be... in Jesus name Amen.

  12. IPOB, Please do due diligence by REPORTING the Ango Abdullahi (Notherna Elders) and Shettima (Arewa Youth) QUIT NOTICE TO IGBOS to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague. These people are proposing crime against humanity: ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Please do the needful NOW. Report these people to the world body!