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AUGUST CALL TO SAVE BIAFRA FROM EXTERMINATION: This Monday, August 1st to Friday, Biafrans and friends all over the world will commence another round of phone campaign to US Gov’t, EU & UN

This August; Biafrans and friends all over the world will commence another round of phone campaign to officials of United States of America (USA); European Union (EU) and United Nation (UN). 
This is the 11th month Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra has illegally been detained for exercising his rights within the confines of the law. This right in question is the right to self-determination which is widely viewed as a sacred right. This is also a man who refused to build an army but built a radio station through which freedom of speech defined the civil approach he has used in discharging the activities for the restoration of Sovereign state of Biafra. 
This right which was declared in 2007 by UN gave free indigenous people right to aspire or agitate for self-determination. It is understandable that without this declaration, Nnamdi Kanu would not have stood firm to ask for self-determination. By virtue of this declaration, he has committed no crime ever known to man for asking for the restoration of Biafra but yet he languishes in prison for cherishing the UN declaration. 
We the people of Biafra feel betrayed by the custodians of international declarations or treaties. Freedom of speech was abused and imprisoned in Nigeria and by virtue of the continued silence of UN and EU; the UN 2007 declaration appears more like a fraud to the people of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu is a victim of international law, and international communities are expected to intervene. Nnamdi Kanu suffering for his loyalty to the call made by UN is the worst discrimination of our time. He has been tortured and denied the right to his freedom, denied the right to fair hearing and denied the right to opinion or view. 
This is happening because, in 2007, a declaration by UN told him he has the freedom to agitate and will be protected by the guarantee contained in such declaration. But today the child of their act or charter is left to die, but Biafrans won’t let that be as we call upon the mother of the charter. Despite this condemnable act by Nigeria which has led to the death of thousands of innocent Biafran youths protesting for the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu, Biafrans have remained peaceful and law abiding. 
Since the arrest and continued detention of their leader; Biafrans have come under attack and despite this attack, they have remained resolute and never retreating or surrendering, a move that has increased the military action ordered against them by Buhari. Biafrans have no weapon to fight as 1967 genocide still lives in their memory, and they are being killed for being Biafrans. Genocide is currently going on in Biafra with Islamic extremism taking a new shape since the inception of the Islamic government of Nigeria. 
Fulani herdsmen laying siege and Saudi black water mercenary deployed alongside Nigerian soldiers in Biafra land. While our leader is incarcerated, they are sufficiently slaughtering us. We shall continue to call and disturb the world and relevant authorities till we are heard and rescued from extermination. We say no to war or violence thus we today call the world to our rescue. 
This current situation in Biafra land is to form part of the message in the phone campaign to the US, EU and UN officials. Biafrans and friends of Biafra all over the world are expected to be part of this campaign. Everyone is to call and declare to them the plight of Biafrans and why they should help to save the souls of Biafrans (SOS). 

The numbers to call are Us Congress direct number +1 202_224_3121 & +1 202_225_4316 United Nations Office at Geneva +4122_917_4635 Time to call is (3pm to 11pm Biafran Time) 

Biafra is going places, and there is nothing the enemies can do about it. Use the following prompts when you call: “Hello, my name is (——–); I’m calling to appeal to the President (or the relevant government official) to: 
1. This is the 10th month Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has illegally been in detention, a leader that built a radio station instead of an army, fought for self-determination with words of truth instead of guns and bombs. Ask them to help in working to free the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu – the prisoner of conscience. Tell them how he was illegally abducted for exercising his right under United Nations rights of Indigenous peoples and self-determination. 
2. Investigate the continued arrest, execution and most recent killing of peaceful and none violent Biafrans at their last Biafra Fallen Heroes Remembrance Day Rally by Nigeria Police and military; and to punish those found to have played a part in committing the atrocious act. 
3. Plead with them to force Nigeria forces of occupation – the military and Police – as well as to stop the Buhari led Nigerian government to stop the murder of Biafrans. 
4. Tell them how Biafrans are made to suffer in their land by the evil Nigerian state; and that Biafrans are looking up to them, to use their good offices in helping for the restoration and independence of Biafra. (Thank you!) Support the restoration and independence of Biafra. (Thank you!)

US Gov’t, United Nations Office at New York.  Time to Call 
(3 pm to 11 pm Biafra Time)
United Nations Secretary General: Ban Ki-moon
+1 212 963 1234
President Barack Obama, White House
+1 202 456 1111
US Congress Direct Number
+1 202-224-3121 & +1 202 225 4361  
US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
+1 202 224 4651
US House Committee on Foreign Affairs
+1 202 225-5021
Republican Majority Leader: Kevin McCarthy
+1 202-225-4000
Democratic Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi
+1 202 225-0100
Republican Majority Leader: Mitch McConnell
+1 (202) 224 2541
US C-span
+1202 737 3220
EU, United Nations Office at Geneva. Time to Call (9 am to 5 pm Biafra Time)
European Parliament (Brussels)
+32 2 28 49013
European Parliament (Brussels)
+32 2281 6111
European Parliament (Strasbourg)
+333 8817 4001
European Parliament (Brussels)
+322 28 42111
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 4635
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 1140
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 2127
By Ifeanyi Chijioke 

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