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Owing to the deep spiritual importance and symbolism of this day Radio Biafra will be off air completely for the duration of the period of fasting and prayers.

Radio Biafra normal broadcast will resume on the morning of the 5th of October 2014 at the usual time of 7 am.

This period of supplication, reflection and prayers is designed to reconnect Biafrans with their creator who protected them many centuries when the armies of Islam tried and failed to conquer Biafraland. That army sent from Zaria were decimated and destroyed on the plains of Idomaland in present day Benue State. Where the armies of Islam were defeated on that fateful day marks the beginning of the territory of the Children of God.

Today we remember that epic moment in our history and pray that the almighty God Chukwu Abhiama come once again to our rescue his children from the same forces of darkness that once tried and failed to enslave his children we Biafrans.

May Chukwu Abhiama bless all Biafrans as we pray….Iseee!

Below are the Atonement prayers proposed by the Directorate of States. You can add yours too, for instance, I will be adding Psalm 35 to my own bible reading as well. The three Cardinal Prayer Points are: (1) Forgiveness, (2) Grace of Chukwu Abiama, and (3) Wisdom from Chukwu Abiama. Start at 4pm on the 3rd and end 4pm on the 4th. Pray for atleast 15min for every one hour. Try and fast for atleast 12hrs.

Pray for forgiveness of our sins and ask God to help us restore Biafra just like he answered for the Israelites, whom we identify with as the true children of God. Please as a guide, pray these prayers and others that your inner spirit directs you starting on Friday 3rd of October and ending on the Saturday 4th October evening:
Prayer for forgiveness
1. Psalm 51 – A prayer for forgiveness. A psalm by David. When the prophet Nathan came to him after David had committed adultery with Bathsheba.

2. Psalm 21 – Praise for victory. A psalm by David.

3. Psalm 31 – A prayer of trust in God. A psalm by David.

4. Psalm 71 – An old man’s prayer

5. Psalm 91 – God our protector

6. Psalm 110 – The lord and his chosen king; and

7. Exodus chapter 14 vs 13 to 14

Let us all pray together. Be merciful to ‘Biafrans’, O God, because of your everlasting love. Because of your great mercy wipe out our sins! Lord, we have come to you for protection; never let us be defeated! Because you are righteous, help us and rescue (and restore) Biafra. Your word says that whoever goes to the Lord for safety, whoever remains under the aegis of the almighty can say to him “you are our defender and protector.” You are the God of Biafra (Chukwu Abiama) and in you we trust. Give us victory and enduring triumph over our enemies. You are the God of Biafra and in you we trust and shall worship forever! Amen.


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