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Reactions have being trailing the recent move of an Abuja Federal HIgh Court who proscribed and declared the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), an arm of Shiite Sect of Islamic religion led by Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub El Zakzaky, as a terrorist organization.

Reacting angrily to the development, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has heaped the whole blames on the American Ambassador to Nigeria and the British HIgh Commissioner to Nigeria stressing that the two envoy of the Super Power Nations are being bribed by the Federal Government to lie to their countries over the injustice being perpetrated in Nigeria.

Kanu during his Saturday night broadcast on Radio Biafra went on to accuse the US and British heads of diplomats in Nigeria of collecting bribes from the Nigerian government to give wrong information of what is actually happening in the Nigeria in their countries.

He said that the Nigerian government has redefined wickedness and made it a national symbol of identification by declaring IMN as a terrorist organization, while Fulani herdsmen are allowed to go about killing, raping and causing all kinds of trouble without any restriction.
He went further to say that those who are quiet over the proscription of Shi’ites just as many were when same action was meted against IPOB should get ready for worst as more of such actions will come.

“The blame for the injustice in Nigeria is caused by three things: our stupidity as black people, the British HIgh Commissioner in Nigeria and the American Ambassador to Nigeria.
“The Ambassador and High Commissioner collect money from Nigerian government not to send the accurate report back to their home countries.
“The American government doesn’t get the real information of what’s happening here because the people they sent here will embellish the killing by Fulani herdsmen into farmers/herders clash.
“Police and army came, shooting unarmed Shi’ite protesters and you call it a clash? American Ambassador is feeding the States Department back in Washington with lies because they gave them money.

“American Embassy in Nigeria, British High Commission and stupidity of black people are the major problems we have. I didn’t say their policy or their whole country. I said their missions in Nigeria are the problem. The American Ambassador to Nigeria is corrupt, the British HIgh Commission in Nigeria is very corrupt.

“They should be probed because they collect money to lie about happenings in Nigeria. They lie to link Shi’ites to Iran just to create excuse for evil. The real terrorists are inside Aso Rock, the Miyetti Alah. They’re the ones that should be arrested.

“Anybody who is a patron of Miyetti Allah should be arrested including Jonathan because they’re leaders of a terrorist organization. No court has proscribed the Miyetti Allah. The more they kill the more land they get,” he said.
Speaking further, Kanu said, “They proscribed IPOB you all kept quiet, they’ve now proscribed the Shia Sect of Islam, a religious body of its own which means you cannot longer protest in Nigeria unless what you’re protesting is in conformity with government’s position being presided by somebody from Sudan. Abba Kyari and El Rufai are playing with the brains of every individual in Nigeria.

“What is the crime of El Zakzaky? You arrested a man, you killed his seven children, you killed one of his wives, critically injured about two others, you left him blind in one eye and the court have said to you, this man should be released, you did not obey that order.

“But when you went before people’s back as you normally do to obtain another order or motion, you now decided to over that one. How come you obeyed the order to hold El Zakzaky and tag Shi’ites as terrorists, but refused to obey the same court when they asked you to release him. How come you obey one judge of same Federal High Court and disobey another one?
“If they want to practice their Shi’ites type of Muslims it’s not your business. Freedom of religion is enshrined in your constitution. Trying to claim that they have a tie with Iran as a justification for this action holds no water.

“IPOB supports Israel and will continue to do so till we die. That’s our view and we are entitled to it. Not because you have one thing or the other against Israel and then you hate IPOB, that means you’re very foolish.
“As long as I’m aware, Iran has never attacked or killed anybody in Nigeria and that’s the truth. The people who are actually doing the killing nobody is proscribing them. Are you sure Nigerians are okay?

“Why are Fulani herdsmen not tagged terrorists? I can’t define the stupidity of a black man. Fulani herdsmen are killing, raping and slaughtering and you’ve done nothing. People will come to my village, kill my people, rape our mothers and you’ll give them land to continue.
“Others are simply saying release my leader and obey court order and you responded by killing them, proscribing them and tagging them terrorists.

“The evil and ignorance in Africa are indescribable. There’s no single truth in Africa and this is why everywhere is full of evil and darkness. The heart of a black man is full of evil and wickedness.”



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