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Biafra Shall Be Restored Sooner Than Later Amid The Fast Killing Of Christians And Islamizing Nigeria – IPOB

IPOB Press Release
July 03 2020 | Radio Biafra
In this time of extreme distress for Judeo-Christians in a rapidly Islamizing Nigeria, it brings some comfort to post these information to state the certainty that Biafra shall be restored, sooner than later. As buttressed in society, Israel was wiped off the map in 70 AD, until it came back in 1947. Ukraine was wiped off the map in 1917, until it came back in 1990.
East Timor was wiped off the map in 1879 until it came back in 2000. Albania, North Macedonia were all wiped off the map, but they all returned. Eritrea which was previously wiped off the map has returned too. But today, a typical Janjaweed from the Sahel and a wayward chameleon from the West conspired to stand against the full restoration of Biafra because of what they are gaining from the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria. They represent darkness and darkness never prevailed over light. The light of Africa is Biafra. Satan is using the Janjaweed and Afonja descendants to fight his battle but victory is ours.

We are calling on Judeo-Christians in Nigeria to stand up against the upcoming jihadists soldiers scattered all over Nigeria to Islamize the country. The country is clearly coming to an end, Christians must not allow Islam to humiliate them again in Nigeria. All politicians in Biafraland must come out and defend their land because Fulani has taken over, we are aware of humiliation of past politicians like Late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe and others because they were out to defend their people British colonialist humiliated them. Today Fulani people are humiliating politicians who are ready to defend their people especially politicians from Biafraland.
The propaganda is so drearily predictable, how Sharia and unbelievers subjugated Christians since British left this contraption called Nigeria. The state sponsored jihadists soldiers spreading across Nigeria particularly Biafraland with the open support of Nigeria security apparatus. It is appalling that British Nigeria government failed to protect Christians in Nigeria.
Our people must be strong enough because IPOB is out to oppose them. We are informing all Christian nations and organizations across the globe to know how Nigeria government and her partners in crime are killing Biafrans and other Christians in Nigeria. Before we match all these nations and organizations must be aware of the caliphate plans to eliminate Christians in the north and Biafra land.
Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike


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