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Day 4 of the Biafra Worldwide Million Man call Alert !!! From 18th to 22nd of Sept 2017

Biafra Worldwide Million Man call Alert !!!

Share extensively and call everyday 
Fellow Biafrans and Well Wishers;
Please use the following prompts to alert foreign powers about Biafra’s predicament:  “Hello, my name is (——–); I’m calling to appeal to the President and Congress of the United States of America, or the United Nations, or the EU, to
 1. Stop the Buhari led government of Nigeria from massacring peaceful Biafran at their villages and to release those unlawfully incarcerated by the murderous Police and army of Nigeria.Also seeking an International protection for the live of the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu.
2. We urge the United Nations to send a peace keeping force to protect the lives and properties of Biafrans, especially those living in the north, as the threatened genocide against Biafrans by the Northern Jihadists of Nigeria is scheduled to commence on the first day of October 2017.
3. Biafrans are generally seen as enemies of Nigeria. They are defenseless and subject to incessant massacres without recourse to justice. The international community has a moral obligation to stop the endless genocide of Biafrans in Nigeria.
(Thank you!) Support the restoration and independence of Biafra. (Thank you!)
The US White House Phone Number is +1 202 456 1111

US Gov’t, United Nations Office at New York.  Time to Call 
(3 pm to 11 pm Biafra Time)
United Nations Secretary General: António Guterres
+12129639999 & +1 212 963 1234
[email protected]
President Trump, White House
+1 202 456 1111
US Congress Direct Number
+1 202-224-3121 & +1 202 225 4361  
US C-span
+1202 737 3220
EU, United Nations Office at Geneva. Time to Call (9 am to 5 pm Biafra Time)
European Parliament (Brussels)
+32 2 28 49013
European Parliament (Brussels)
+32 2281 6111
European Parliament (Strasbourg)
+333 8817 4001
European Parliament (Brussels)
+322 28 42111
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 4635
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 1140
United Nations Office At Geneva
+4122 917 2127
The numbers to call are Us Congress direct number +1 202_224_3121 & +1 202_225_4316 United Nations Office at Geneva +4122_917_4635 Time to call is (3pm to 11pm Biafran Time)

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