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ESN Do Not Partner With Politicians And Do Not Engage In Civil Matters In Biafra Land – IPOB

IPOB Press Release

April 30 2024 | IPOB

The attention of the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and resolute leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu has been drawn to the impersonation of ESN during demolition of people’s properties in Onitsha by the Anambra State Governor, Charles Soludo through his errand boy Hon. Emeka Joseph Orji.

Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo and his errand boy Hon. Emeka Orji who is the Transitional Chairman of Onitsha South Local Government Area recruited criminals who claimed to be ESN Operatives and used them to intimidate innocent Onitsha residents. This Emeka Joseph Orji recruited and trained his criminal gangs that impersonate ESN.

The criminal gangs operating in Onitsha under the command of Hon. Emeka Joseph Orji are not IPOB/ESN. They are common criminals and must be treated as such. ESN Operatives are in the bushes combating Fulani terrorists and their cows. ESN do not engage in civil matters and do not intimidate or harass innocent people. The Government of Soludo and his errand boy Hon. Emeka Orji should stop using the name of ESN in their nefarious activities.

Hon. Emeka Joseph Orji is among those creating artificial insecurity in Anambra State. He is among the agents who the Nigerian Government is using to blackmail IPOB. Hon. Emeka Orji was caught on camera boasting that he defeated Nigeria soldiers in a gun battle during the wicked demolition exercise he undertook at NIWA property at Sokoto road near main market Onitsha. He falsely claimed to be working with ESN Operatives. Dishonourable Emeka Orji, the errand boy of Prof. Soludo has made thousands of people homeless and jobless by these atrocious demolitions of that property belonging to NIWA.

Soludo must stop demolishing place of ordinary citizens where they do their business and getting food for their families in Anambra state. IPOB calls on Biafrans and the public to ignore the false claim by the Zoo government agent, called Emeka Orji, the Transitional Chairman of Onitsha South LGA that ESN are working with him in his wicked actions against the innocent people. ESN and IPOB volunteers are not thugs to be hired by corrupt politicians. ESN Operatives protects the citizens not intimidate them. This gullible man is using his hired criminals to intimate the Onitsha residents. Emeka Joseph Orji and his criminal gang have no links with ESN Operatives nor IPOB volunteers.

IPOB is calling on Prof. Soludo to warn his errand boy Hon. Emeka Orji to desist from impersonating ESN using criminals. Impersonating IPOB and ESN is a serious offense.

Prof. Soludo should stop the insecurity that his political associates like Emeka Orji created in Anambra State. Those sponsoring insecurity in the East will be held to account one day soon. IPOB is not pleased the way our people are suffering under this governments both federal and state governments


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike


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