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IPOB Writes Open Letter To Nnamdi Azikiwe University VC And WAEC Board To Postpone The 30th May Convocation And WAEC Exams On That Day

IPOB Press Release

May 21 2024 | IPOB

Dear Professor Charles Okechukwu Esimone
Vice Chancellor,
Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Awka, UNIZIK Anambra State:

The attention of the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by the indomitable leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been drawn to your proposed University’s convocation date on 30th May, 2024 and WAEC examinations to kindly reschedule your convocation and exams to a new date because 30th of May is the Biafra Heroes Day and a sit-at-home for ALL Biafrans in the Biafra Land.

Dear VC and WAEC board,
If you consider yourself a Biafra, you ought to know that 30th of May is a Biafra Heroes Day. Nevertheless, we are reminding you and the University Management and WAEC board that May 30 of every year is a sacred day set outside to honour Biafra heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate prize and sacrifice for the survival of Biafrans.

That day remains sacred and a day that Biafrans sit-at-home to remember and honour our heroes who fell during the Nigerian genocidal war against Biafrans between 1967 to 1970 until the present day the killing has not stopped. No public event is expected to take place in Biafra Land on this day.

Biafra Heroes Day is a public holiday and a sit-at-home in Biafra Land for Biafrans in honour of our fallen heroes and heroines. All markets, schools, banks, government and private offices are expected to be under lock and key. Movement of persons and vehicles are not allowed except those on essential or emergency services such as Health workers, Ambulance, Fire Service, Filling Stations, Hospitals etc.

West African examination WAEC board should not endanger the lives of small children because that day is not safe for any individual in Biafra territory it is a day everybody stays indoors for those who paid ultimate sacrifice for us to live and they must reschedule the date to another day 30th of May is a Biafran Remembrance Day. Anything happens to these children they want to bring out that day they will regret doing so.

By this open letter, IPOB is calling on the Vice Chancellor and the Management of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) Awka and any other people or group that scheduled any program for 30th May, 2024 to postpone their program. Biafra Heroes Day takes precedence over any program in Biafra Land on that day.

However, if the Vice Chancellor and the Management of UNIZIK insist on having their convocation on 30th May, 2024 in disregard of Biafra fallen heroes and heroines, they have decided to spit on the graves of Biafra heroes and heroines and should be ready to take responsibility for whatever happens afterwards. IPOB will not enforce the 30th May sit-at-home but will also not take responsibility for whatever happens to the violators.

The Management of Nnamdi Azikiwe University must not provoke IPOB. We do not take it kindly with people desecrating the memory of our heroes and heroines. IPOB calls on the students, the parents, the guests, and visitors to UNIZIK’s convocation ceremony scheduled for May 30th to apply caution and avoid being on the road the day Biafrans are mourning their dead if the University goes ahead with the plans.

Safety is an individual responsibility. Don’t endanger yourself for an hour ceremony. In the past, Nigeria Security Forces and their collaborators have killed and set some cars ablaze of those found on the road any time IPOB calls for sit-at-home just to blackmail IPOB. Don’t be a victim.

IPOB is therefore, warning all the persons and institutions paid to insult and desecrate the memories of our fallen heroes that their sponsors will not be there to save them when the rain starts falling on them. Those that have made sabotage their stock in trade will be collectively and individually held to account. IPOB is not Umunna meeting or community meeting to be toyed with. As much as we care we also bite.



Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike


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