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The massacre, the maiming and forceful displacement of unarmed peaceful people of Biafra on a day we remember the atrocious genocide of the same government is utterly unthinkable, absurd. General Buhari has indeed proven to be an undemocratic hiding under the cloak of democracy to perpetuate ponderous evil deeds on ordinary people. The account of what took place across the Biafra land is condemnable by any average person conscientious person.
It is expedient and expressly essential for the Office of the Directorate of State, Indigenous People of Biafra, to state categorically that the acts so meted out on our kiths and kin are nothing short of an apparently premeditated upscale of provocation and unwarranted extra-judiciary killings of our people – men and women, young as well as the old. Even sparing the pregnant of all this human inhumanity was not the case.
 The world needs to take note of the consistently unprofessional conduct of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari and his cohorts especially in the wrong ethnically-oriented killings of our people. In their usual manner and to show how devious these people are, once they commit these outrageous and sinister acts, they are quick to denials while working clandestinely to clean up their tracks, traces and substantial evidence that attest to their less than noble act.
They do not stop at that; they go all out to fabricate all manner of allegations and accuse the Indigenous People of Biafra of being “violent and up in arms”. Their deed certainly cannot be justified, and it leaves many unanswered questions. In fact, all the security personnel involved in this yet genocide will reap back in their coin in no distant time. It is in tandem with both the law of nature and nature of human law because there are consequences for such an unprovoked and atrocious genocide.
Time will surely tell as all of you will not go unpunished or jump bail. Without any shred of doubt whatsoever, Buhari’s order (“the-order-from-the-above”) was carried out to the later
Notwithstanding the commendable civility displayed by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to   put the record straight, it is pertinent to know that the Office of the Directorate of State of the Indigenous People of Biafra, did make a telephone contact as well as send a letter (written directly) to the Commissioner of Police Anambra State. He was detailed of our intention to hold our annual event – The Biafra Remembrance Day in Nkpor until May 30th, 2016. The Police Commissioner, Mr. expressed his satisfaction with the way we approached him and gave us assurances that the Police will behave themselves and that we will not have any issues. Of course, we trusted the words of the Lion. However, the genocidal war openly sponsored and perpetrated by the security agencies directly has shown that the Police Commissioner Anambra State, failed us woefully as the event has pointedly proved that he reneged on his words.  They acted out the script collectively portraying their uncultured behaviours and unconscionable propensity to assault the unarmed people. They harassed and gruesomely murdered innocent citizens without sparing even the most vulnerable like the pregnant women. All was executed to please Buhari and under the guise of the extant Rule of Engagement (RoE) given self-defense as claimed by the 82 Division Army spokesperson.
However, the question remains: what led to the killing of the pregnant woman and some elderly ones? What are the reasons of Gen. Buratai, who faulted the criticism of security agencies in the handling of Monday’s protests by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Onitsha, which resulted in some deaths? Nevertheless, IPOB were not on protest rather they were in the process of marking the Heroes and Heroines Day and the 50thAnniversary of Genocide against Biafrans.
Naturally, similar observance took place in the United Kingdom where Prime Minister Cameron participated in commemorations marking the 100th anniversary of Battle of Jutland where thousands of sailors fought to prevent the domination of a continent & in defence of British values. In the same vein, President Obama performed a related function just about the same time and date but in the United States of America. Therefore, remembrance of fallen heroes is an acceptable rite in any civil and responsible society or country.
Therefore, from the Nigeria Army, Police, DSS to other sister security agencies, what happened did happen as a sign of things to come. Very soon, each and every of these armed organisations, individually and collectively, will have to pay restitution, and when it did occur, each one will answer to all these extra-judiciary murders going on in the South-East and South-South. Not only that these security agents unlawfully killed unarmed people of Biafra. They hijack even the dead bodies of IPOB members from various hospitals where they are receiving treatment. In Crown Hospital, for instance, the soldiers threatened to set the building ablaze for reasons best known to these agents of darkness.
Events have remarkedly exposed Gen. Buhari’s reign as a regime of terror and change – far from “change” he dangled in the face of people before the election. Moreover, his style, demeanour and disposition depict the difference between a real civilian Democrat and a military born-again Democrat. To this end, We call on the Gen. Buhari as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces to immediately without delay pull out these soldiers from Biafra land.
Moreover, where there is a need to police the community, we expect nothing short of the transparent application of the rule of law and deployment of well-trained officers with conscionable standards.
Indigenous People of Biafra will do everything within her powers to seek justice for our population now and shortly. No amount of intimidation will make us give up on this issue. We are deeply pained by what happened especially for killing over hundreds of our members on May 30th and 31st 2016, without any reasonable justification.
We commiserate with their immediate family and their loved ones. However, our resolve remains resolute. We are very responsible and wish to assure everyone that time and eventual turn of event will exonerate us as due diligent and careful Indigenous body under the Leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom the same government of Buhari is unconstitutionally being detained and denied his fundamental human rights.  
Mazi Uchenna Asiegbu

Head, Directorate of State


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