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February 2, 2017

Press Release
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are in a state of deep shock at the misguided statements coming from a Prophet of Baal that goes by the name Revd. Father Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka who is supposed to be a Catholic Priest in the Enugu Diocese of the Roman Catholic Mission. This young priest from Amata Ituku in Awgu area of Enugu state and who was ordained on July 29, 1995, is no different from the biblical prophet of Baal because he appears to be worshipping anything but Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty the Creator). Worse still, he seemed to have abandoned his canonical calling and delved into business. But instead of relaxing to enjoy the loot he makes from business and the bribes he received from Muhammadu Buhari and colleagues, he has now identified himself infamously with the killers of Biafrans.
Revd. Father Mbaka, the prophet of Baal, made misguided statements concerning the efforts by Biafrans to restore their God-given nation of Biafra. This prophet of Baal asserted that unless Billionaires from the Igbo-speaking areas of Biafraland come out to the street, the case for the restoration of Biafra should be closed. He reeled out names of known anti-Biafra individuals such as Ken Nnamani, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Willie Obiano, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, and so on. According to this prophet of Baal, it is only when the Igbo Billionaires come out that Biafra restoration will be achieved. He even lied to his congregation by telling them that Biafrans were sent to the street and instructed to engage in a fight with the Nigerian Police.

In the first place, we want to inform this prophet of Baal that Biafra nation does not belong to the Igbos alone. As an example, the second-in-command to General Odimegwu Ojukwu was General Phillip Effiong who was not from the Igbo-speaking area of Biafra. This prophet of Baal must understand that the same people he mentioned in his misguided statements are the ones responsible for the sorry state of affairs in Biafraland today. He must know that these so-called Igbo Billionaires are the same people sabotaging the efforts by dedicated and hardcore Biafrans to restore the nation of Biafra.
By identifying with these sell-outs, Father Ejike Mbaka, the prophet of Baal, has confirmed the rumours over the years that he was not spiritually called to serve as a priest but rather using priesthood as a means to an end. It is absurd that this prophet of Baal mocked our dead heroes who were mowed down in their prime by the gun-toting Buhari’s murderous agents. The prophet of Baal even made jests of Biafrans by calling them “poor people” and insinuated that it is only the super-rich that should fight for and live in the new Biafra.
In contrast, we would like Father Mbaka, the prophet of Baal, to emulate other clerics such as Revd. Dr. Chris Okafor, Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Pastor David Oyedepo, and even Bishop Matthew Hasan Kukah. These are clerics who have come out to speak against the menace of Fulani herdsmen and the killing of unarmed and peaceful Biafrans. Even some Islamic clerics have spoken out against the killing of Biafrans by Fulani herdsmen. It is on record that Father Ejike Mbaka, the prophet of Baal, has not made any public condemnation of the several killings carried out by Fulani herdsmen in his home state of Enugu. But he has the time to go to Aso Rock to felicitate with a man who assassinated Major-General J. T. U. Aguiyi-Ironsi and who also participated in the murder of over two million Biafrans at Owerri in 1968.
We advise Revd. Father Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka, the prophet of Baal, to stay away from Biafra restoration matters and concentrate on his business empire. He can fraternize with his so-called “Igbo cream“ and leave those he mocked as “poor people” to get on with the task of restoring their nation of Biafra.
We warn this prophet of Baal that further misguided statements from him shall have undesirous consequences from Chukwu Okike Abiama, the God of the Biafrans. We further warn this prophet of Baal to stop giving the impression that Biafra is for the Igbos alone. Although this prophet of Baal is a very young man, he must apply wisdom and tact in his speeches. Making misguided and outlandish statements is not expected from someone wearing the cassock unless such a person is truly a prophet of Baal.
Finally, we direct Revd. Father Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka, the prophet of Baal, to the book of Malachi chapter 2 from verse 1 to 9. A word is enough for the wise and for the righteous.

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