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Series 2: Lord Sir Frederick Lugard & Royal Niger Company “the maker of Nigeria”

London, 2nd July 1894.

Dear Sir G. Goldie,
I have carefully read the above letter and  pledge myself to observe the conditions  required of me, not only during  my term of service with The Company, but for five years after its conclusion.

Yours faithfully,
                                                                                    (Sgd) F. D. Lugard. Capt
MEMORANDUM of AGREEMENT between Capt. Lugard and the Royal Niger Company, dated the Twenty fourth day of July 1894.

Capt.Lugard will leave Liverpool for the Niger Territories on the 28th July to carry out the institutions contained in Sir George Goldie’s letter of even date. The Company will pay Capt.  Lugard’s passage to and from the Territories and will give him pay at the rate of One Thousand Pounds per annum from the day of his leaving Liverpool to the day of his return to England. The total period of his services with The Company  including  his passages to and fro will not be less than eight months nor more than Sixteen months  unless by mutual agreement. The Company finds all the necessary material for Cap. Lugard’s Expedition and allows him a sum not exceeding Fifty Pounds for his personal outfit. The Company has already advanced Capt. Lugard One Hun­dred Pounds in respect of such pay and outfit and will give him the balance on his return home subject to such further reasonable advances as The Company may make to Capt.  Lugard or his assigns at his written request; and in the event of Capt. Lugard’s prior decease his pay would be calculated up to the day of his decease. Capt.  Lugard undertakes to keep careful accounts of the expenditure of his Expedition for the information  of the Council.  He understands  that  the  barter goods supplied  to him for payments  to native Kings and Chiefs and for the other expenses of the Expedition are considered by The Company to be largely in excess of what he will require and have been  furnished by The Company on the principle that it would be better that Capt. Lugard  should  bring  back n large balance of unused goods  than  that  the slightest risk should  be run of the Expedition  being unable to do valuable work from any deficiency whatsoever. Capt. Lugard undertakes to hand over any unused balance of such goods as well as of such remaining material of the Expedition  as belongs to The  Company to some responsible official of The Company and to see that a proper inventory is taken by such official, that it is signed and forwarded to the Council in London.

SIGNED on behalf of the Royal Niger Company, Chartered & Limited by
(Sgd.) George Taubman Goldie Deputy Governor. (Sgd.) F. D. Lugard Captain, 9th Foot.
WITNESS to the signature of Sir George Taubman Goldie
J. Carden, 185 Barry Road, E.Dulwich, S.E. Clerk
WITNESS to the signature of the said Capt. Lugard
Joshua Berkeley,Junior Army & Navy Club, Sr.James’s Street.

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