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The Plans To Kidnap And Assassinate IPOB Principal Officers In Diaspora Will Have Consequences -IPOB


June 19 2023 | IPOB

The ugly plans to kidnap or assassinate some principal officers in the global family and the movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in diaspora will come with severe consequences.

It’s pathetic that some South Eastern politicians will be part of the Nigeria government’s plans to kidnap some IPOB leaders from their resident countries and rendition them to Nigeria like they renditioned our leader. Kenya and Nigeria are yet to recover from the political and economic effects of their evil collusion in the kidnap and extraordinary rendition of our leader from Kenya to Nigeria. Those who are part of this evil agenda should be ready for what will befall them.

We haven’t finished with the Kenyan government over their evil alliance in the kidnap and extraordinary rendition of our leader. Any other country that colludes with the Nigeria government in any illegality against IPOB members should be ready to face IPOB in social resistance and legal battles.

The wicked agenda was uncovered by the IPOB Intelligence Unit M-BRANCH. The individual politicians from the southeast who are part of the plans to kidnap and rendition or assassinate IPOB members in diaspora have been identified. They should be prepared for the downpour that will befall them and their families. Should any IPOB member be kidnaped and renditioned to Nigeria, the identified Eastern politicians and their families will not be spared. Enough of all the betrayal and wickedness on IPOB members who are paying the price of freedom for all of us.

Although some Igbo politicians refused to support the evil plans but few sell-outs went ahead with some Nigeria government agents at the Abuja meeting on the demonic agenda to kidnap or assassinate IPOB leaders in countries where they reside.

If any IPOB member or DOS member is kidnaped or assassinated in diaspora, IPOB will not spare those politicians and their families who were part of the agenda. It shall be tit-for-tat against our sworn enemies.

We encourage the Eastern politicians who refused to join in the evil agenda to remain steadfast as Biafra freedom is for all of us and not for IPOB members alone. IPOB members are chosen and anointed to fight and pay the price for the freedom of Biafra Nation, and they need encouragement and support from our people, not betrayal.

More so, we appreciate those who are working behind the scenes to ensure that Mazi Nnamdi KANU is released from the DSS dungeon. We know you all, and your contributions will not be forgotten. Mazi Nnamdi KANU is the only innocent political prisoner in detention in Nigeria for almost two (2) years. He is being punished for demanding a referendum for Biafra and also for being an Igbo.

Mazi Nnamdi KANU has not committed any crime known to any local, national, or international laws, yet he is being detained illegally without charge. Can this injustice be mated out at any leader or any prince from another tribe in Nigeria? How do some so-called Igbo political leaders allow themselves to be used against the freedom of their generations to come because of selfish political interest? After they are used, they will be ridiculed by their blackmailing masters, and they will finally come back to our people in shame.

We are monitoring those who are part of this cowardice act to kidnap and bring back to Nigeria IPOB members. Both individuals and the countries that will participate in the illegality will have themselves to blame for what will happen. Enough is enough.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike


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