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The Trafficking Of Igbo Teenagers For Prostitution Must Stop – IPOB Condemns And Calls For Collective Action Against Human Trafficking

IPOB Press Release

June 22 2024 | IPOB

The noble family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indefatigable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu condemns the sexual exploitation of Igbo girls via trafficking locally and internationally. IPOB calls for collective actions to stop the trafficking of teenagers, both girls and boys.

The recent viral videos of some teenage girls from the Eastern Region and Plateau State of Nigeria trafficked for prostitution in Ghana is a disturbing development. These young girls were mostly underaged who were trafficked and locked up in a rented house in Ghana to prostitute for the soulless wicked traffickers. We believe that the trafficking of innocent and ignorant teenage girls from Nigeria to Ghana, to other African countries, Europe and American countries for prostitution is an international cartel that needs the collaboration of Ghana Security, Nigerian Security and other International Agencies to tackle. These teens were trafficked through land borders in connivance with the security agencies at borders and checkpoints. We call on Nigerians and Ghanaian to arrest and prosecute the human traffickers.

IPOB is against any form of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Igbo girls are important for productive procreation among Ndigbo. Those trafficking these Igbo girls and those using them as sex slaves locally and internationally are enemies of Ndigbo and must be treated as such. IPOB is urging Biafran parents to become more responsible and ensure they instil good values on their children to avoid being trafficked or becoming human traffickers.

IPOB commends the efforts by some of the amiable Igbo leaders who worked with the Ghana Police in rescuing some of the trafficked girls in Ghana. The teenage girls rescued should be properly counselled and sent back to their parents in Nigeria and Biafra while the arrested kingpin should face international law.

IPOB leadership has given order to all IPOB coordinators both home and abroad to be on the lookout for anywhere Igbo teenagers are being held hostage as sex slaves and report it to IPOB leadership. Every Igbo person is encouraged to be part of this struggle to liberate our young girls from monsters and human traffickers both at home and abroad. Any hotel in Biafra Land that harbours teenagers, Igbo girls from the age of 13 to 18 years as sex workers should be destroyed without mercy.

IPOB volunteers and ESN Operatives must be ready to assist in checking any hotel harbouring thirteen (13) to 15-year-old girls in their hotels and those hotels should be brought down. Be ready to be dealing with human traffickers in Alaigbo. We can’t afford to allow human traffickers to destroy our future mothers, and leaders. All hands must be on deck to stop this ugly monster of trafficking underaged girls for prostitution.


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Chibuike Nebeokike


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