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Those Arrested By Joint Security Forces Are Cultists Not ESN Members – IPOB


IPOB Press Release

December 20 2021 | IPOB
The attention of global family of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great prophet and indefatigable liberator Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to media reports about a camp of criminals and cultists busted by security agents in Orsumoghu, Anambra State; and Orsuihiteukwu in Orlu, Imo State. These cultists arrested in these camps are certainly the monsters created by the Supreme Court Administrator in Imo State, Hope Uzodinma to demonise our gallant ESN operatives. These vampires have been impersonating ESN operatives and terrorising many communities in Biafran land.
The Imo State Supreme Court Administrator Hope Uzodinma and APC party created these vampires thinking they can demonise ESN and IPOB but unfortunately the monsters turned against the innocent people of Biafra. Nemesis has caught up with them. The same way their sponsors will soon meet their waterloo and Biafra land will be rid of them!
Those arrested by joint security forces are not ESN members. They are Hope Uzodinma’s boys who he created to demonise IPOB and ESN operatives. For record purposes ESN does not indulge on criminality or write letters to people or make calls to people requesting for funds. 

IPOB and ESN have no dealings with criminal activities of these criminals as they are also on ESN watchlist. But security must investigate thoroughly and free the innocent people who were victims of their invasion and arrest, not all are the perpetrators of this crime some are criminal while some are not let the law takes its cause on those found guilty. 
The IPOB leadership wish to draw the attention of the good people of Biafra especially in the affected communities in Anambra and Imo States that through intelligence we have uncovered some other impostors using ESN to unleash mayhem on our people. Some of them include: Emmanuel a.k.a (Obereagu); Innocent Obiekee from Isingwu Orsumoghu; Izuchukwu from Amaduru Orsumoghu; Ofordie a.k.a Baby.  These criminals have committed a lot of crimes in these communities and indulged in Kidnapping, car snatching, cannibalism and raping of women. 
We declare these hooligans wanted so that they will answer to their crimes. Anywhere these vampires recruited by our enemies to demonise us are seen, they should be captured alive or dead. These criminals are the ones masterminding the Kidnappings for ransom, killings, extortion from the innocent villagers in the name of ESN while they are not. We assure the communities in the affected areas that IPOB will ensure these criminals and bandits don’t operate for too long.
ESN is for the defense of our ancestral land against terrorists masquerading as herdsmen but these agents of death were recruited by Hope Uzodinma to implicate IPOB and ESN operatives. They have unleashed horror on innocent Biafrans but their cups are full. We are on their trail. They must go the way of their victims.
We assure the affected communities in Orsumoghu, Orsuihiteukwa, Awo Idemili, Orlu LGA, Nnewi South LGA, Nnempi, Ibiasoegbe, Iilu Town and other communities being terrorised by these hoodlums and miscreants to stay calm that normalcy will return to their communities soon. 
Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike


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