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We Shall Be Engaging In Eminence And Underground Arrangements To Ensure Immediate Restoration Of Biafra – IPOB


We the worldwide family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership wish to reaffirm our position clearly to all and sundry, in Nigeria and beyond, that Biafra freedom and sovereignty is non negotiable regardless of the political permutations in Nigeria. Idle minds and hired hands can chatter and speculate to their heart’s content on social media, but one obvious and inescapable fact remains that our stance that voting in Nigeria is useless has been vindicated by the result of the shambolic rigging fest they call elections. The unacceptable levels of humiliation, intimidation, killing, announcement of fake results, coupled with sponsored propaganda against our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and entire peaceful movement like IPOB by strategy deficient perennial losers, cannot stop our total resolve to restore Biafra sovereignty in the shortest possible time.

Only a moron and worker of iniquity will pretend not to know what transpired in the colonial contraption called Nigeria during the recently concluded presidential elections. Using the military, police and armed thugs to rig in favour of the ruling Jihadi APC was clear for all to see. That the result has been sanctioned by some weak minded apathetic Nigerians as well as the Fulani loving British colonial masters, despite the horrors of that elections, is proof, if one is needed, that poor masses of Nigeria are like tormented caged animals stripped of every dignity and lacking in courage.

One inescapable fact is that this all encompassing, globally recognised and respected IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains the only good thing that has happened to Biafrans in 50 years possibly forever. Irrespective of your tribe, group or religion, there is undeniable universal acknowledgement that IPOB is the only ray of light in an otherwise dark and murky political landscape in Nigeria.

It is a pity and downright unbelievable that their so called Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and it’s agents would allow themselves to be used by the executive the same way they used the judiciary in the country to subvert the will and desire of the people. Thankfully such brazen display of primitivity will never obtain in Biafra.

Before now, IPOB have always maintained, through its various press statements and our leader’s broadcasts via Radio Biafra, that Nigerian Government headed by Jubril-Buhari and his kinsmen, will never willingly relinquish power in a peaceful process and will always use INEC, Army, Police, DSS to intimidate the masses during elections. Biafrans both home and abroad will within the coming months be engaging in a series of high profile and clandestine arrangements to ensure the speedy restoration of Biafra.

We are not unaware that some Fulani slaves in Biafraland, particularly Igbo politicians are still nursing the misguided hope of becoming president of Nigeria in 2023.  We are calling and advising them to retrace their steps and join the movement for Biafra restoration because Biafra sovereignty is sacrosanct. If they were ignorant of the fact that current Nigerian system will never allow them to come near Aso Rock, events of February 23 in Lagos and northern Nigeria has brought home the stark reality that Biafrans are not needed at the heart of Nigerian politics. Another Fulani man will in all likelihood rig himself into power in 2023 with the help of Yoruba Muslims and the British. All the people will say then is, let us live in peace and move the country forward.

Therefore, politicians, artisans, traders, academics, professionals, businessmen and women in Biafraland and all over the world must support IPOB in this noble quest for Biafra liberation or we are doomed to be enslaved in Nigeria along with our children and generations unborn.

With or without your votes, Fulani terrorist soldiers and police in Nigeria uniforms including INEC will continue to rig elections and publicly  disenfranchise Biafrans. A new equation has been successfully introduced which is the use of INEC Collation Officers to allocate figures to their preferred candidates under the watchful eyes the Nigerian janjaweed military. We are not bothered who becomes president of Nigeria from May 29, 2019 because our focus is on Biafra restoration.

Our people must understand the way Fulani constitution of Nigeria was written and the country structured gives the core north undue advantage over the rest of the South, especially with Yoruba support which the north can always count on. Nigeria is not a country and will never be. INEC, Army, Police, DSS and other security apparatus are now regular instruments used by the Nigerian Government to disenfranchise citizens from discharging their civic rights in Nigeria.

One thing we know for sure is that in the end IPOB will win and Biafra sovereignty will be fully restored.


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike


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