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Biafra: Appeal To Bury Dead Within 72hrs Has To Do With Restoring Igbo Culture And Tradition Ignore Criminals Misinterpreting Our Wise Counsel As A Threat – IPOB


IPOB Press Release

August 30 2022 | IPOB
We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of the great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU attention has been drawn to the changing of narratives by the criminal and unscrupulous element from his one room where he hides in Finland concerning an appeal IPOB made to Biafrans urging them to bury loves one promptly. As in his contract terms to impersonate or misrepresent IPOB to his ignorant followers, he has misrepresented the appeal we made to our people as a threat because he doesn’t understand simple English language.
We wish to reiterate and put the record straight regarding our previous press release towards burying our love ones within three days or short duration as an appeal not warning or threat. 
The double agent has exhausted all his lies and blackmail against IPOB leadership using dashing computer generating fake accounts hence can’t understand simple English language. Him and his sponsors think that their “abracadabra” would continue to sell. Everyone has known them as the born Janjaweed in Biafraland who doesn’t know nor appreciate the importance of our culture and wellbeing of our people. IPOB is not looking at the faces of the double Agents because we understand the importance of whatever actions we do and calls we make to our people or for our people.

Biafrans and Igbos in particular have been shrinking and weakening because of unknown and will continue until we evacuate numerous dead bodies stockpiled, we will shock them and we must in indulge on public orientation until people start to evacuate and stop stockpiling dead ones into mortuaries and give them burial. We appealed to Biafrans to understand and change their attitude of keeping the dead ones in mortuaries for a longer time. Moreso, we want our people to repent from lavish burial celebration which is an aberration from our culture. These actions do not only have financial implications but it also has spiritual implications on our struggle for Biafra Nation.
Again, we appeal to churches and Umunna to stop demanding levies and bills from the families of the dead ones before burying our people. 
We therefore ask Biafrans especially, Ndigbo to exercise patience, digest and understand where IPOB is coming from. These are those who are condemning our recent appeal are the criminals who are beclouded with criminalities and spiritually blind and have no knowledge of our culture and what we are doing. Instead of listening to those working for our enemies, we urge you to visit your villages and ask some wise elders on the implications of keeping the dead for a long time in the mortuary.
We are still appealing to our Religious Leaders, Traditional Rulers, Umuada or Umuokpu, Umunna, Governors, Legislators, LGA chairmen, PGs to organise Seminars to educate our people on this IPOB’s appeal and stop collecting levies once someone dies write off his or her debts. We cannot allow imported cultures to dilute our cherish culture which positioned Ndigbo as the most political and economic power house in Africa in the past even to the point Europeans acknowledged that democracy started from Igboland, that was the activeness of our ancestors.
In the 60s and 70s Ndigbo don’t have mortuaries let alone keeping the dead in the morgue, they embalmed in their homes and bury the person within three days or one week. But mortuaries came into Alaigbo in the 1980s and since then it has multiplied rapidly to the point our people see mortuary business as lucrative business in our land. 
These mortuaries dead bodies deposited into warehouse called mortuaries are sometimes allowed corpses deposited to spoil because of sometimes long duration for a year or more. IPOB is not against mortuary business but we don’t encourage the abuse of our cultural values. This practice of storing the corpses in the mortuary has been with us for over 30 years and cannot be changed it overnight. Nevertheless, if our people will understand the implications of this actions, serious effort will be made to implement IPOB’s appeal urgently. 
Catholic Church and other churches in Biafra land had in the past tried to implement this strategy by insisting that their dead member be buried within two weeks. However, the efforts of the churches to revert this unrighteous culture has failed. IPOB is appealing to our people including the church to start helping and implementing burying our dead same day or within three days. 
After the burial, a date of choice can be fixed for the burial ceremonies. During the ceremonies you can do all the burial rites both church and traditional rites. IPOB is not stopping anybody from performing all the burial rites as you so wish. All we are appealing to our people is to stop stockpiling corpses in the mortuaries in Biafra land. 
Emergence of IPOB in Biafraland is golden for Ndigbo. Although some unscrupulous elements and criminals lead by unfortunate treacherous disciple and his deluded group called autopilot without Aeroplanes are paid to counter whatever IPOB does.  IPOB is not demanding this prompt burial of dead ones to harm our people or to deceive them instead we are doing it to safeguard our people both spiritually and financially. 
Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike


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