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IPOB Demands For A Cancellation Of The Proposed Award To Hope Uzodinma By Oxford University, Says He Is A Murderer And Unelected Governor


IPOB Press Release

August 30 2022 | IPOB
The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the laughable and disgraceful action of Professor Onyeka Nwelue who shamefully invited a mass murderer of his people Hope Uzodinma and a usurper to an event made for important men of letters like the late Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka, to attend this year’s annual James Currey Literary event at Oxford University London scheduled for September 3, 2022. 
The acclaimed Professor Onyeka Nwelue as one of the organizers of this literary program cannot honestly and truthfully claim that he is not aware of the murderous activities of his supposed guest in Imo state. Is it till a member of his family in Imo State falls victim to Hope Uzodinma’s killer squad before he will acknowledge the massacre being committed by Hope Uzodinma in Imo State? He should rather disassociate himself from such a brutal government than attempt to launder his image. There is an Igbo adage which says “eburu ozu onye ozo o dika ebu ukwu nku” (when another person’s corpses are carried it looks like a log of wood to an outsider). We don’t pray that any family member or a relative of Pro. Nwelue falls a victim to Hope Uzodinma’s killer squad but should it happen and he utters a word against the murderous government, then God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama and our ancestors will bring Prof. Nwelue down. 

IPOB is aware that Prof. Onyeka Nwelue may have extended invitation to the tyrant and mass murderer Governor for political and financial gains but if he insists on accepting the blood money that Mr. Hope Uzodinma will give him, he will regret it. We want to remind Onyeka Nwelue and the organizers of this year’s James Currey’s literary event that Hope Uzodinma was never elected as governor of Imo State but was imposed by the Fulani Government and Fulani controlled Supreme Court to help facilitate Fulanization agenda in Biafra land. The good people of Imo State rejected the criminal and fraudster Hope Uzodinma at the polls as he came 4th in election but he was forced on Imo people by the Fulani led Federal Government through Fulani judicial rascality. The Supreme Court Governor have killed more than five thousand (5000) people in Imo State and other places in Biafraland since he stole the mandate that Imo people gave to one of his opponents.
We wonder how an educational institute of high repute like Oxford University would encourage a murderer and known fraudster called Hope Uzodinma to speak to their lettered and enlightened audience.  This invitation to a mass murderer Governor is not only shameful but a spite on the grave of the foremost Biafra heroic writer Professor Chinua Achebe who was an associate of Professor James Currey in whose honour the event is being held. 
IPOB is advising the acclaimed Professor Onyeka Nwelue to cancel that invitation given to Imo State Vampire, Hope Uzodinma or we have no other option than to declare him persona non grata in Biafraland.  Anybody who knows him mostly his family members and friends should call Onyeka Nwelue to order. Acclaimed prof. Nwelue should be guided so that IPOB will not cook food for him that he can’t finish. If he still cherishes his Igbo ancestry he should listen to these words of advice and reason and stop this attempt the promote and launder the muddy image of a criminal and murderer.
Hope Uzodinma has no atom of integrity in his life that may recommend him to stand before the literary community at such a renowned University such as Oxford. This is a citadel of learning and not for criminals, fraudsters and murderer of his people. The organizers of this festival shouldn’t jeopardize the reputation of Oxford University because of looted funds the murderer like Hope Uzodinma will donate buy his battered image back home.
Oxford University being among the top echelon in the world of Education shouldn’t trade their integrity and prestige because of one compromised Professor who has been influenced with money from a corrupt and brutal Governor. IPOB is calling on the Management of Oxford University to cancel the invitation given to a murderer through his image launderer Prof. Onyeka Nwelue who has zero regard for Human Rights abuses committed by his principal, Hope Uzodinma.  
Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike


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