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Refrain From Your Politics Of Restructuring To Sabotage Our Referendum Quest Gathering Momentum – IPOB Warns Ohanaeze Ndigbo Chieftain

IPOB Press Release

October 22 2023 | IPOB

The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been drawn to the unguarded statements credited to one Abuja based Ohanaeze Ndigbo chieftain, Barrister Augustine Amaechi claiming that Ohanaeze Ndigbo wants restructuring not referendum. The few political jobbers in Ohanaeze Ndigbo demanding restructure should perish with it. Biafrans want a referendum.

IPOB members and supporters worldwide represent over 90% of Biafrans. We have made it clear to the Nigeria government and the international community that Biafrans want a referendum to democratically decide to either remain in Nigeria or exit Nigeria. This is our only demand. We are not going back on our demand for a UN supervised referendum in Nigeria for the determination of Biafra Independence. Once the Nigeria government heeds our democratic demand for a Biafra referendum, Nigeria’s major problem will be solved.

The era of anyone with a redcap claiming to be an elder speaking for Ndigbo is over and gone for good so Abuja politicians must take note and advise themselves properly. The treacherous activities of some Igbo political jobbers surrounded by their urchins have endangered Alaigbo, our people, and the economic underpinnings of our culture. These individuals in Ohanaeze Ndigbo should stop their anti-people’s politics that have denigrated Ndigbo in Nigeria.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo group and every patriotic Biafran must understand that Biafra referendum and Independence will end marginalization, nepotism, insecurities, and criminalities while ushering in fast development, rapid job creation for the jobless youths in a Biafra Nation. The new Nation of Biafra has all it takes in terms of resources, manpower and value system to take its place of pride amongst the comity of nations. A safe home for our people, particularly those runaway elders who are eating new yam in diaspora and for the Alkebulem (African) people.

It is unfortunate that Ohanaeze Ndigbo has refused to understand that the Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria will never accept to restructure Nigeria equitably. Ohanaeze Ndigbo should wake from their slumbering illusion and stop dragging us backward. If the restructuring demand that our eternal leader Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu went to Aburi Ghana (Aburi Accord) to negotiate was reneged upon by Nigeria and Britain, what makes them think that it will work today? Instead of restructure, a genocidal war was lunched on Biafrans.

On what moral grounds is Ohanaeze Ndigbo talking about restructure again? The One Nigerianists among Ohanaeze Ndigbo should not mortgage the heritage of future generations of Biafrans because of their economic and political interest in Nigeria today. When Biafra becomes an independent nation, their investment in Nigeria will also be protected. After all, Ndigbo’s investments in other nations are not at risk. Political freedom leads to economic freedom.

Nigerian government and her political cronies have never taken Ohanaeze Ndigbo seriously and will never take them seriously because the Fulani know that they betray their people for a pot of porridge and political crumbs. An elder who sells his children out, even the buyer, will not trust him. Barrister Augustine Amaechi and his few political jobbers in Ohanaeze Ndigbo should stop sabotaging the interest of Biafrans.

If Ohanaeze Ndigbo desires to remain in Nigeria during REFERENDUM they should vote for Nigeria but they must allow REFERENDUM to take place, they should prepare to campaign to convince Biafrans not to vote to exit Nigeria during a referendum instead of sabotaging IPOB for personal selfish political and economic reasons.

Where has Ohanaeze Ndigbo been after selling Mazi Nnamdi KANU out, and for the destruction of Igbos for their so-called Igbo presidency? Where have they been all these years with their irresponsible restructure since 1976? Those saboteurs in Ohanaeze Ndigbo should be careful. Their treacherous activities will have consequences.

IPOB has gone far in diplomatic engagements on Biafra referendum, and no one or group should be a stumbling block. Again, they must understand that we are not going to back down on our match until Biafrans are given the opportunity to exercise our inalienable right to make a choice in a referendum. That is the cardinal point and agenda for peaceful negotiations with the Nigeria government.

IPOB is not going to take up arms against Nigeria State on this but we will deploy superior arguments to make our case to the international community and we are certain that men and women of good consciousness will key into our rightful demand and run with it because the freedom of the Indigenous People of Biafra is very much overdue.

This present Ohanaeze leadership must not toe the part of the past disreputable leadership of Ohanaeze. IPOB, as a deliberate policy, has refrained from confrontation with the Iwuanyanwu led Ohanaeze to help us determine who they are working for.

IPOB does not, has never and will never hesitate to confront head-on any person or group of people that will be used as agents of Neo colonialism to sabotage the freedom of the Biafran people. We will simply ask our ancestors to take care of such individuals or group and make them redundant and irrelevant. (Onye nwere nti ya nuru). Let him that has ears hear what the spirit says.

We shall not warn Ohanaeze again. If this buffoon called Augustine Amaechi is speaking for himself, Ohanaeze Ndigbo leadership must make that clear publicly otherwise we shall take his ranting as the position of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and this will only mean that they Ohanaeze has been mobilized by the enemies of our people to sabotage the present momentum and progress being made to hold the Zoological Republic of Nigeria accountable for the violent violations of Biafrans fundamental Human Rights, the crimes against humanity and genocide it is perpetrating against the Indigenous People of Biafra.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike



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