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Nigeria Army, Other Security Agencies, Not ESN Responsible For the Destruction in South East – IPOB



November 03 2021 | IPOB

Following the frustration of the Nigeria military deployed to the South East, and their ranting claiming that IPOB and ESN are responsible for the numerous attacks, killings and burning down of people's properties worth billions in the region, we the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), wish to tell the world that there is no iota of truth in such fabricated allegation.

It is rather the Nigeria military and their sister security agencies that are masterminding ongoing secret genocide and mayhem in South East. It's quite unfortunate that after committing these atrocities, these vampires cleverly point accusing fingers at IPOB just to cover their flanks and deceive the gullible.

Nigeria Army is afraid of facing Boko Haram and other terrorists in the North but down here in the South they have taken over the work of the police in their desperation to kill more Biafrans. No matter how much they want to twist facts the public is already aware of their pranks.

The serial killings going on now in the land of Biafra are masterminded by the military and they cannot deny it. There are viral videos where the Nigeria Army is demonstrating its might against innocent and hapless people of Awgu in Enugu State. Will they say those burning down houses in the said video are IPOB and ESN? We challenge them for a forensic audit of the viral video. The UN should investigate this to establish the real identify of those behind the ongoing destruction in South East.

We wonder how Nigeria army and its security counterparts would derive joy in killing Biafrans but Boko Haram and bandits sacked them in their barracks in the North. The world will one day hold them accountable for these atrocities and crime against humanity. The truth will one day refuse to be buried.

The media should stop buying into their lies and report objectively. 


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike



IPOB Press Release

October 23 2021 | IPOB

Following the adjournment of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's court case to 10th of November 2021, by the Federal High Court Abuja, we the great movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), wish to inform Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom that IPOB lock down Biafra land from 5th of November to 10th of November except Sunday, November 7th, a day our people worship the Almighty God, Chukwu Okike Abiama,  if  the Nigeria Government fails to release our leader unconditionally before 4th of November 2021.

Our leader, Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi MUST be released UNCONDITIONALLY on or before November 4, 2021 because he has not committed any offense known to any law.

Failure to release our leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi KANU on or before November 4, 2021, our one week Sit-At-Home begins on November 5, 2021 till November 10. 

Although we quite understand the pains and adverse effects of this option on our people, we are compelled to take it to achieve a better purpose in the collective interest of Biafrans. We have taken time to analyse what transpired on October 21 when our Leader was arraigned in court and discovered that the federal government is not sincere and only wants to humiliate him and keep him perpetually in DSS custody to rot there.

We all saw how lawyers, journalists, Igbo delegates and respected traditional rulers and other people who came from all around the world to witness his court case were restricted and denied access into the court premises by security agents who kept them outside under the scorching heat of the sun. What a humiliation and wickedness!

We cannot accept that anymore.  We can never allow our leader Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi KANU to be tried SECRETLY and we can never also allow him to be tried under SHARIA law under any guise. NIGERIA must follow International laws in handling our leader.

Mazi Nnamdi KANU is in DSS dungeon today because of his passion for Biafra independence, and we must sacrifice all we can to ensure that he regains his freedom. He has sacrificed so much for us all, so we must be prepared to sacrifice little for him. 

Unless the federal government releases him unconditionally before November 4, we shall sacrifice one week for him as a warning protest to convey to our oppressors that Nnamdi Kanu represents over 70 million Biafrans. He is innocent of all the charges preferred against him. As long as he is in detention our individual businesses do not matter so much because he is suffering for us all and we can't abandon him.
We seriously regret the inconveniences this may cause our people but it's a necessary sacrifice we need to make until we have our full independence. Nobody resident in Biafra land is expected to flout this directive as doing so amounts to challenging the will of the people on the Biafra project.

This one-week sit-at-home is also to let our oppressors understand that we are not going to tolerate any plan to torment or abandon our leader in DSS custody through frivolous court adjournments. Any plans to subject him to trauma in detention through long adjournments while real terrorists and mass murderers are having fun across the country cannot fly. Nnamdi Kanu must be freed because he committed no crime. Asking for referendum so that Biafrans will decide whether or not they want to continue as part of Nigeria is no crime. He should not suffer for seeking justice for his people.

We have been enslaved and caged enough by the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria and its allies. If we shut down Biafra land just for one week to secure our permanent freedom, it is worth the sacrifice. Everybody should brace up for this sacrifice.

This is the time all Biafrans must remain united. Let's not give the oppressors and their agents any room to create division in our mist. 


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike




October 14 2021 | IPOB

We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great and indefatigable leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU, strongly condemn the spate of senseless attacks on innocent people in South East by politically-recruited hoodlums masquerading as unknown gunmen. 

It is quite unfortunate that some unpatriotic and unscrupulous elements who are intimidating their fellow politicians because of the November 6 governorship election in Anambra State will resort to bloodletting for power. More annoying is the fact that after their atrocities, some brainwashed fellows will be pointing accusing fingers at IPOB.

We condemn the attack on Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State yesterday. Contrary to allegations by our enemies, IPOB has no hand in the said attack. It is now becoming more obvious that those Gov. Obiano accused of masterminding the killings in his state are angry with him for exposing them. The South East governors that Obiano said he would not sit at table with to discuss insecurity in his state should be made to explain all they know about the senseless killings in Anambra State.

We pity those who are chasing after shadow, pointing accusing fingers at IPOB. Such fellows are ignorant of what politicians are capable of doing because of power. Igbo politicians were not like this before but desperation for power and determination by Fulani cabal to replicate what happened in Imo State in Anambra State are the reason for this madness. Their ultimate goal is to demonize IPOB.

Our people must shine their eyes because Fulani have planted their terrorists in our territory to eliminate high profile Biafrans.  Those self-acclaimed Igbo Elite, Ohanaeze leaders, traditional rulers and religious leaders must look inward to fish out these FULANI-sponsored agents of death. They should stop linking IPOB with these killings because IPOB did not come to kill but to save, restore and rebuild.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

We Cannot Grant Audience To Andy Uba, We Have No Interest In Zoo Politics


IPOB Press Release

October 12 2021 | IPOB

The attention of the Indigenous People of the Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the laughable and disgraceful statement credited to the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the Anambra election, Andy Uba that he met with IPOB members to discuss the forthcoming governorship poll.

We therefore, want to make it categorically clear that Andy Uba met nobody in IPOB. IPOB has no interest in the zoo election, and could not have met with Andy Uba or anybody or politician for that matter to discuss anything pertaining to election. Andy Uba and his likes should leave IPOB out of their politics. Again, Andy Uba could not have possibly accessed the leadership of IPOB. He should therefore stop using IPOB to get cheap popularity.

IPOB has no time for political desperados whose only interest is their pocket. How could we have granted audience to Andy Uba who has never issued common press statement against killings by Fulani herdsmen. What has Andy Uba done since our leader was abducted to seek his release? It's now that Andy Uba is in the Anambra election that he knows he can engage IPOB?

We challenge Andy Uba to disclose the IPOB members he met with. Again, we won't tolerate the use of IPOB's name for any scam. Enough is enough! We also warn media platforms to ensure they verify any news that has to do with IPOB before publishing. The media especially social media should stop using IPOB to market their platforms.

We caution politicians to stop associating IPOB with their dirty politics. We have no interest in the zoo politics. Our mandate is to restore Biafra and we will not be distracted from that objective for whatever reason.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

South-East Killings: We Are Vindicated By Governor Willie Obiano's Confession - IPOB


IPOB Press Release

October 11 2021 | IPOB

We are the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), under the able leadership of our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. We have always distanced ourselves from the senseless killings in Biafra land especially in Anambra and Imo States but some gullible fellows do not want to believe us.

Now we have been vindicated by the recent confession by Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State on why he did not attend the meeting of South East governors in Enugu. The governor said without equivocations that he deliberately stayed away from the meeting because he didn't consider it proper to sit at table and discuss security with those who are sponsoring the insecurity and killings in his state. Gov. Obiano did not mince words when he said that the killings in Anambra was politically motivated. He accused his fellow governors and politicians of masterminding the killings in his state for political gains.

Now, our question to all those still pointing accusing fingers at IPOB and Eastern Security Network ESN operatives for the killings in Anambra is: How many of the South East Governors are IPOB members? Since according to Gov. Obiano, the killings are being sponsored by some persons expected in the meeting for political reasons, how many of the attendees are IPOB members? Can the same people who find it hard to believe our explanations now believe us if we say that all South East governors except Obiano are our members and sponsors?

For the umpteenth time, let's restate that we have no hands in the senseless killings of innocent citizens in Biafra land especially Imo and Anambra States. Politicians and traitors bent on implicating IPOB to impress their Fulani slave masters are the ones masterminding this genocide in collaboration with the wicked Nigerian security agents.

The recent incident in Imo State where a police man pursued an 'unknown gunman', shot and killed him only to discover that the said 'unknown gunman' was a personnel of the Department of State Services DSS was a further proof that politicians created the insecurity in South East. But instead of telling the truth, DSS covered up the exposed evil by claiming that its personnel were mistakenly killed by the police.

The attack on this DSS man in Imo State shows that Hope Uzodinma equipped many hoodlums in security uniforms to disguise as IPOB and attack people to implicate and demonise IPOB. This is the card they have been playing but many people in their ignorance don't still understand their antics. The simple truth is that Hope Uzodinma and his fellow traitors in their quest for power have created fake ESN to cause fear in South East, and ultimately demonise IPOB but we are smarter than they. We challenge Hope Uzodinma to swear an oath that he has no hands in the killings in Imo and Anambra States.

We know that the gullible minds may still not believe us but the fact remains that APC in its desperation to take over South East has set the zone ablaze because of politics. South East should hold APC and desperate politicians responsible for the mayhem in the zone aimed at beating Ndigbo into submission. 

IPOB is for and not against Ndigbo. We rose to challenge Fulani killing our people when South East governors were too cold to even condemn the barbarity for fear of Aso Rock. How then can we turn around and begin to kill the same people we are risking our lives to defend? It makes no sense! Count us out of this nonsense and the media propaganda of our oppressors.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

Unfounded Allegation: IPOB Questions Amnesty International, Restate Her Mondays Sit-At-Home Suspension


IPOB Press Release

October 10 2021 | IPOB

The attention of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU, has been drawn to an unsubstantiated statement credited to Amnesty International, alleging that IPOB is responsible for the killings in the South East. If indeed Amnesty International made such unfounded allegation, that will be very disappointing indeed.

It is baffling that a reputable global organisation like Amnesty International will condescend into making statements without investigations. How did Amnesty International arrive at its conclusion that IPOB is responsible for the killings in South-East?

In case Amnesty International has forgotten, let it be reminded that IPOB had suspended its earlier order for Ghost Mondays before hooligans sponsored by politicians hijacked the exercise to unleash mayhem on innocent citizens under the guise of enforcing the suspended order just to implicate IPOB and we still stand by that order and decision that Monday sit at home has been suspended. Anybody purporting to enforce Sit-At-Home on Monday is not from IPOB. Last week murder because of enforcement of sit at home by angry mob in Mbaise Imo State was not IPOB family member, so Amnesty International must verify information before making pronouncements to the public. 

Again, is Amnesty International aware that Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State has accused his fellow South East governors of sponsoring the killings in his state? How will it be IPOB that is behind the killings and the governor with all the intelligence at his disposal will still be pointing accusing fingers at his fellow governors? Or is Amnesty International suggesting that South East governors are now members and sponsors of IPOB? 

Why is Amnesty International beginning to drift away from its respected position as fearless Rights defender? We understand its predicament having come under fire and pressure by the oppressive Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria over its critical stance against the government's excesses. But it's not enough to jolt the reputable organization into making unsubstantiated utterances. 

Amnesty International were you not seeing the numerous attacks and killings going on in Awka Etiti Community, how Nigeria army murdered brother and sister who were coming back from mortuary where they deposited the lifeless body of their mother, Nigeria security agents shot them dead and one innocent young man at Izombe Community who stood at the front of his compound was murdered today by Nigeria army and burnt his house at Izombe village in Oguta LGA Imo State.

Nigeria army burnt down more than 50 houses and property worth of #500m at Izombe Community in Oguta LGA, Amnesty International never seen the barbarity going on in Imo State now, they will come out and talk unsubstantiated statement about IPOB that we are behind the killings and attacks going on in South East. Nigeria army burning properties in that area, IPOB will never succumb to their threat because we knew that they are not Nigeria army but Fulani jihadists soldiers disguised as Nigeria army and they are here for mission we know their antics. 

We want the global world to see and understand how Nigeria soldiers and other security agents were killing innocent citizens in Biafraland, they derived joy in killing people of Biafra because Biafrans didn't allow Fulani to take over our ancestral land Nigeria army is giving them support to eliminate our people. Fulani terrorists with Nigeria army were eliminating anybody seen as a young man in Biafraland, Amnesty should explain why Nigeria army should murder innocent citizens, this is another round of Fulani terrorists herdsmen in play. Nigeria army and Fulani killing those youths suspected will stop them when they will come and take our land by force. 

Hope Uzodinma created crisis in the state and the region and brought in army to come and kill the remaining innocent citizens in the south East, the world should take note of this atrocities going on and leave IPOB alone because we are innocent of these allegations labelled against us. Amnesty International shine your eyes because the vampires are on the prowl.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike