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We Don't Need Your Apology, IPOB Tells South-East Governors


Following the recent denial and subsequent refusal of South-East Governors to apologize or do the needful towards IPOB against a background of their incessant attacks, abduction, arrest, killings and proscription of unarmed peaceful Biafrans; before, during and after Operation Python Dance II in 2017, we the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) categorically state that we are not interested in any apology coming from those who have continued to shamelessly preside over the Fulanisation of their ancestral lands. They are weak and pathetic men who have sworn loyalty to their Fulani masters. These traitors and saboteurs are not leaders but instruments of Fulani incursion and agents of the age-old Fulani agenda of dipping the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, most people are yet to understand the danger these people portend for our existence as a race.

At a time when Fulani governors are engaging murderers, rapists, kidnappers and Fulani killer herdsmen in dialogue to the extent of visiting them in their hideouts in forests, South-East Governors remain determined to fight a peaceful IPOB dedicated to safeguarding the Biafran homeland. What an irony!

A few days ago the residence of Dave Umahi was raided in Abuja by the same Fulani caliphate he is so slavishly serving for merely mouthing that movement of Fulani terror herdsmen will no longer be tolerated. That will teach him and others like him that treachery against ones own people never pays. For reading out an innocuous communique, he was targeted like a common criminal. A few days afterwards he was seen shamefully bowing down before the impostor Jubril like a naughty schoolboy in front of a headmaster. Their Fulani masters cannot and will never give them preferential treatment as they keep assuming. To the caliphate, these spineless cowards called South-East Governors will remain another set of tormented Nyamiri in office to them, to be used and dumped at will. The sooner these Efulefus realise this, the better for them.

We remain conscious of the complicity and duplicity of South-East Governors in the whole Operation Python Dance debacle and will hold them accountable at the right time. We are aware of their secret dealings with this Fulani Government of Nigeria to enslave our people, a task we assure them can never be accomplished as long as IPOB exists.

We are waiting for them to set foot abroad or appear in public anywhere outside Nigeria then they will know how upset we are. It is demeaning for IPOB to be exchanging words with slaves and traitors working for an external enemy. Enugu and Ebonyi would have fallen to the Fulani if not for IPOB. South-East Governors are weak, wretched and incapable of standing up to their caliphate masters. Only IPOB can restore the dignity and lost honour of our people.


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike


Nigeria in Crisis

There is a crisis in Nigeria. The Nigerian State has never been at peace with itself and recent events amplify this pending emergency.

And, as has been the case since independence from Britain in 1960, Biafrans are the easy target of the lack of a credible Nigerian state. Nigeria governs without the consent of all within its borders. Nigeria claims to be ruled by law, but in effect there is a de facto lawlessness in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s epidemic of violence flowing from the North is well documented. In 2014 the Global Terrorism Index judged Fulani militants to be the fourth most deadly terror group in the world, behind Boko Haram, Isis and the Taliban.

Lawlessness is always one step ahead of the Government. In response, the Government, when it is convenient for it to do so, attempts to give a veneer of legality to the lawlessness. Recent proposed land reforms across Nigeria do just that. The Fulani herders from the North are increasingly encroaching on the settled farmers of the South/South East. This includes Biafra. As Amnesty International has reported, there were more than 2,000 deaths in 2018 linked to this land crisis. Instead of seeking to address the violence, the Government has sought to condone it and legitimise the land grab.

There is an underlying problem in the North which has to do with climate change and encroaching desertification due to overgrazing and deforestation. This has drawn Fulani herdsmen further south and led to violence against Biafran farmers seeking to defend their land and crops. The fertile farming lands of Biafra are very attractive to the Fulani.

To address this land crisis, the Government, the President of which is Fulani, sought to establish the RUGA scheme (an acronym for Rural Grazing Area – or is it, as some suggest, a Fulani word?) whereby Fulani herders could officially move into areas and absorb land as part of a Government co-ordinated programme across Nigeria.

Is this an attempt to develop settled land practices for the Fulani, or, as is the experience of Biafrans, is the drive behind RUGA an attempt to Fulanise (or Islamise) Biafraland and force out Biafrans? Biafrans who stand up to the Fulani are killed. Because of the uproar across Nigeria, the RUGA settlement programme has been suspended, but the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) remains in place. This programme advocates ranching. How different is it from RUGA?  For Biafrans the effect is the same. They are forced from their land and will be killed if they do not make way for the Fulani.

Nigeria: The Problem, Not the Solution

Nigeria has always been a fiction. The state we now know as Nigeria was created for British administrative and colonial convenience in 1914. An audacious move by the British, but no surprises in Empire. Britain’s Nigeria drew together disparate people into one entity.

To over simplify, to the North are the Muslims. Two ethnic groups dominate the North, the Hausa and Fulani. The Fulani are now in the ascendency. One hundred years ago these were semi-nomadic, pastoral people. Many Fulani continue to live as herders. The South is mainly Christian and in the South East there is also a vibrant Jewish tradition. The rural communities in the South/South East tend to be settled farmers. The principal ethnic group in the South is the Yoruba.

The South East is the region that makes up Biafraland or Biafra. There is a coherence to Biafra. Its western border is the River Niger and it incorporates most of the Niger delta. The eastern border is Cameroon. To the west, across the Niger, are the Yoruba. In the north are the Muslim people.  Despite colonisation and being forcibly absorbed into Nigeria, Biafrans are defined by common values and a shared sense of identity. Biafrans don’t all speak the same language. Many Biafrans are Igbo speakers. Other Biafrans speak Urhobo-Isoko, Ijaw-Epie-Ogbia, Ogoni, Efik, Annang, Eket-, Oron-Ibibio, Ogoja, Ejagham, Igala, Idoma, Ibani and Igbanke among others.

To put Biafra in its Nigerian geo-political context, Biafraland is made up of the following Provinces: Rivers Province, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Bayelsa and Delta. Fulani herdsman have shown great interest in those provinces that form the central belt of Biafra, such as Enugu.

The Biafran War (1967-1970)

With independence, the persecution of Biafrans started. One colonial master was replaced by another, although, and without endorsing British rule, Biafrans fared better under the British than they have under Nigerian dominance.

First, the Biafrans who had been transplanted to the North by the British were massacred. Those that survived fled back to Biafra. The oppression and intimidation did not cease. In 1967, Biafra was left with no choice but to proclaim independence. Nigeria declared war.

Biafra didn’t stand a chance. The conflict turned the Cold War on its head. The Soviet Union and Britain actively supported Nigeria. “Biafra, Britain’s Shame” was how many described the UK position. French compassion was gratefully received but it could do little to protect the fledgling state. America’s neutrality in effect backed Nigeria. China was silent. The UN was hopeless. Biafra was doomed. Starved into submission, after three years the Biafrans surrendered. At least 2 million Biafrans perished.

The atrocities, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against Biafra during the Biafran War remain unaccounted for. Was it an attempt at genocide? Biafrans were considered an existential threat to the state. The killings were indiscriminate. All Biafrans were targeted.

Biafra Subjugated

After the war, Biafrans slowly rebuilt their world. But, as far as Nigeria was concerned, they were not and never had been Biafrans. They were Nigerians from the South East or Igbo-speaking Nigerians. The Biafran War was airbrushed out of the Nigerian consciousness.  Biafrans could only whisper about their loss. Joining the global Biafran diaspora was one option for those who could get out. Others remained in Biafraland, their Biafran identity amongst themselves, undiminished.

Nigeria continues to prioritise crushing assertions of Biafran identity. Even peacefully commemorating the War risks arrest, detention, prohibited ill-treatment or being shot.

In recent years the Nigerian state authorities have conducted three orchestrated campaigns against Biafrans. The three Operation Python Dance campaigns have been battles against Biafrans. The first campaign was in 2016, the second in 2017 and the third is ongoing. They are designed to undermine calls for Biafran self-determination. Operation Python Dance campaigns intimidate. Serious and systemic human rights violations are carried out by state forces with impunity.

A Voice for Biafrans: The Indigenous People of Biafra

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is the main organisation which represents all peoples who consider themselves to be Biafran. IPOB has one principal purpose, IPOB calls for the recognition of the Biafran people’s right to self-determination. IPOB pursues the right to self-determination for Biafrans without the use of force. IPOB upholds human rights. IPOB rejects violence.

The Nigerian authorities target organisations calling for Biafran self-determination, most notably IPOB. Being found with IPOB symbols can result in an individual being disappeared. Arrest is inevitable. And now that IPOB has been proscribed, prison sentences are harsh.

The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, has been targeted, harassed and persecuted by the authorities. He has been unlawfully detained, subjected to prohibited ill-treatment and unfair trials. It is a miracle that he’s alive. Following an attack on his home, he was forced into involuntary exile. Many of those defending him were killed or disappeared. There is still a warrant out for his arrest.

Biafrans, supported by IPOB, respond cannily to these targeted attacks organising stay-at-home days each 30th May, the day Biafra declared independence in 1967. No one in Biafraland goes to work that day and the economy, along with everything else, grinds to a halt. As Nigeria denies the human rights of Biafrans, the Biafrans become more skilled in honing those rights. IPOB remains committed to non-violent campaigning.

A Right to Self-Determination for Biafra

International law is clear in relation to self-determination. Where there is a credible claim for self-determination the only way to resolve the issue is by holding a referendum which complies with international standards. IPOB is calling for a referendum. It is for that reason the Nigerian authorities have sought to brand IPOB as a terrorist organisation. The EU, the UK and the US have all rejected the labelling of IPOB as a terrorist group. They know that IPOB seeks only to uphold human rights.

Impunity for Northerners?

It is not only the direct attacks on Biafrans by the Nigerian state that perpetuate the intimidation and torment of Biafrans. Nigeria’s policies of accommodating Northerners have a direct impact on Biafrans. No different to 1967, Northerners act with impunity in Biafraland.

The current land crisis in Biafra caused by Fulani herders is just one more chapter of brutality facing the Biafran people carried out with the tacit support of the Nigerian state. Despite the apparent suspension of RUGA, Northerners continue to threaten Southerners, including Biafrans. They will have no peace if Fulanis are not allowed to establish the RUGA scheme, the Fulani say.

This land crisis throws into sharp relief Nigeria’s crisis. The Government of Nigeria is, to all intents and purposes, giving land to Fulani herders from the North which belongs to Biafran farmers. These are the same Biafrans who legitimately claim their right to self-determination.

Biafran farmers live in fear. The farmers of Ebonyi and Enugu are particularly affected. This torment must end. Biafra is entitled to resolve its own future and security.

Why Self-Determination Matters

IPOB has always called for creative solutions to recognise Biafrans’ right to self-determination. However, what is clear is that the existing model of the Nigerian constitution is fatally flawed. It continues to cause harm to all within the jurisdiction and it is unsustainable.

Nigeria may once have worked for the British as a colonial administration. It has never worked as an independent state. To this extent it is a failed state. Nigeria is an artificial vehicle which buttresses those with power, or aspirations for power. As there is no legitimacy to the state of Nigeria, there is no rule of law. Law is used as a tool of coercion by the authorities to crush opposition. Others, such as the Fulani herders, simply ignore the law and act with impunity.

Biafra: Africa’s Future

Biafran pleas for self-determination are ignored by the international community. Why are Biafran voices not heard? Resolving Biafra’s legitimate claim for self-determination will resolve Nigeria’s crisis. Biafra is a forgotten global crisis. IPOB believes that by resolving Biafra’s right to self-determination, Africa’s peaceful future will be revealed. To that extent, Biafra is Africa’s future. The effects of Nigeria’s permanent state of conflict resonate across the continent.

9 September 2019

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Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For:  IPOB

Top Igbo Politicians On IPOB Blacklist And Why


These men mentioned above instigated, financed and defended a full-scale bloody military invasion of Biafraland they tagged Operation Python Dance that led to the torture and untimely death of over 600 Biafrans, 28 of which fell in my compound.

These men sanctioned the desecration of the home of an Igbo tradition ruler by Fulani soldiers and did not care if my father HRM Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and my mother, who were home with me during the unprovoked invasion, is killed or not. All these desperate Igbo politicians ever wanted was my death, the death of IPOB, the death of our dream of freedom for all.

In view of the Nuremberg encounter, it has become necessary for us to refresh our memories lest it succumbs to confusion and deliberate misinformation because most people, unlike we IPOB, are in the habit of excusing intolerable evil and wickedness but we not. Every perpetrator of evil, every purveyor of iniquity, every merchant of misery and every defender of injustice must and will be held to account. We will relent until justice is served.

Full Resolution of South-East Governors On IPOB and Operation Python Dance

The Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi, read the resolution with Enugu Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to his left and Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State to his right.

The South-East Governors Forum held a meeting at Government House in Enugu over the increased tension in the region after what they mischievously termed Sunday’s clash between soldiers and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

At the end of the meeting, which was also attended by Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo John Nwodo, they arrived at 11 resolutions which include a ban on IPOB activities and an appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to withdraw soldiers from the region.

Below is the statement read by the Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State Dave Umahi at the end of that meeting:

In view of the prevailing situation in the South East and its attendant consequences, the South-East governors hereby resolve as follows:

1. All activities of IPOB are hereby proscribed. IPOB and all other aggrieved groups are to articulate their position on all national issues and submit to the committee of Governors of South East, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, and National Assembly members from South-East zone through the Chairman of South-East Governors Forum.

2. All governors of South East are expected to ensure compliance in their respective states.

3. The South-East Governors Forum, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and National Assembly Members do hereby reinforce their commitment to one united and indivisible Nigeria.

4. We also reinforce our desire for the restructuring of Nigeria where all national issues will be discussed and amicably settled to achieve justice and fairness to every Nigerian.

5. We reiterate our earlier position that the November 18, 2017, Gubernatorial election in Anambra State must hold.

6. Accordingly, we appeal to our President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR to, please, withdraw the military in the South-East Zone while the police perform their traditional role of maintaining law and order within this period.

7. South-East governors have taken concrete steps to protect the lives and properties of non-indigenes in the South East and, of course, including the lives and properties of indigenes in the South-East as well.

8. We are in touch with the Northern Governors Forum and they have assured us of the safety of all our people living in the North and we have also planned for exchange of visits between the governors. This is to reinforce the confidence of Nigerians in this regard.

9. In keeping with our earlier position, we wish to assure Nigerians that full investigation is ongoing and all allegations of killings, maiming and other unlawful conduct in the South-East Zone within this period. The governors and the security agencies are in agreement that appropriate action will be taken against anyone culpable.

10. We advise all residents of the South East to go about their normal businesses as the government of each state is committed to protecting everybody.

11. Finally, we advise our people in the South East to, please, be law-abiding.

[End of statement]

I have added the video of the unprovoked military assault on my compound by the cowardly Nigerian Army whose sole purpose was to kill me -an unarmed man, my parents and those around me despite the fact we are a peaceful movement. Those with a conscience can now understand the root cause of our anger and why we won't stop until they all pay dearly for their sins.



Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike

No Amount Of Letter Writing, Sponsored Media Attacks Against IPOB Can Stop Biafra

IPOB Press Statement

If there is any doubt that the slavish Igbo political is against our freedom and progress as a people, the statement credited to Nnia Nwodo, where he personally wrote in his open letter to Ndigbo that "neither IPOB nor Ohanaeze can give the Igbo Biafra" is the clearest confirmation that he and his likes are sabotaging our efforts. We the noble family of IPOB worldwide view such cowardly anti-Biafra utterance with the utmost contempt that it deserves. Such statement coming from the leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo group is a clear demonstration that our clamour for freedom, which is presently resonating all over the world, is of no concern to these unrepentant Fulani slaves. By virtue of this unguarded comment, Nnia Nwodo has effectively flown the white flag of surrender before his caliphate masters. To the discerning, what he has done is to send a coded message to the Sultan that as long as he remains Ohaneze Ndigbo group President-General he will continue to undermine IPOB Biafra restoration effort. This statement is merely an extension of his public declaration in Lagos last year that he will use his last strength to sabotage any effort by IPOB to restore Biafra.

Nnia Nwodo may have succeeded in reinforcing his one Nigeria credentials and reassuring his masters in the north that his treachery against his people will continue, but one inescapable fact he and his masters must know is that we in IPOB are more than determined, we are undeterred, unfazed and remain puritanically fanatical to our core pursuit of Biafra liberation and freedom for all oppressed people. No amount of letter writing, sponsored media attacks against IPOB, name-calling, cheap propaganda or Fulani boot-licking from these sell-outs will stop Biafra from coming. We have sacrificed a lot in blood and sweat to allow natural-born traitors to derail our effort. IPOB is not Ohaneze Ndigbo group, our ethos and modus operandi is the exact opposite of theirs. They sell our people, we defend our people; they sell our interest, we demand our right.

For purposes of clarity, IPOB is not in the same league with Ohanaeze Ndigbo group. First of all our name IPOB is self-explanatory. Indigenous people of Biafra is a name that comprises all indigenous peoples in the old Eastern Region; that is the entire area now referred to as South East and South-South including parts of Lower Benue. Ohaneze Ndigbo group is a social-cultural organization dedicated to protecting the interest of her leaders to the detriment of the wellbeing of Igbo people. IPOB represents the entire people that makeup Biafra. Igbo is Biafra but Biafra (IPOB) is not Igbo alone. Anybody linking Ohaneze to Biafra restoration is either an agent of the Fulani caliphate or being driven by petty jealousy, envy, and wickedness against IPOB. For the avoidance of doubt, IPOB is not only world-renowned but remains the largest freedom fighting movement on this planet earth dedicated to the ultimate restoration of Biafra. IPOB has redefined freedom fight along the principle of non-violent self-emancipation through referendum. International institutions are researching and writing about IPOB, scholars around the world have made IPOB style of freedom fighting subject of academic research and evidence abound to corroborate this. For us, Biafra restoration is irreversible and no force or principality in high and low places can prevail against it. This is the message Nnia Nwodo should take to his Arewa masters.


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike

Biafra Agitation: Nnamdi Kanu To Tour Australia And New Zealand To Rally Support

Owing to the overwhelming enthusiasm of the people  and resounding success of the just concluded lecture tour of United States and Canada by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is pleased to announce to the general public that our leader will be touring many cities across the continent of Australia and nearby New Zealand to mobilise and sensitize every Biafran residing in Australia in preparation for the inevitable collapse of Nigeria and emergence of a truly independent Biafran state.

We are humbled by the high level of interest shown by various socio-cultural and ethnic groups outside mainframe IPOB structure all over Australia wishing to host our leader. This has made it possible for an exciting and hectic schedule that will see our leader visit every major city in every region of Australia including the Northern Territory.

As the gospel and restoration of Biafra is receiving wonderful and unprecedented acceptance across the globe, our leader will continue to educate, enlighten and fire-up our people and lovers of freedom all over the world for the inevitable collapse of the British made damnable contraption called Nigeria.

All Biafrans- Ijaw, Igala, Isoko, Urhobo, Idoma, Isekiri, Anang, Igbo, Ibibio, Igbanke, Efik, and others who are living in the continent of Australia will participate in this historic and unprecedented enlightenment tour. The month of September 2019 will be remembered as the month our people in Australia woke up to claim their rightful place in the quest for our freedom. Every question will be answered live on-air and every doubt cleared.

Our leader and without doubt the only genuine prophet of our time will undoubtedly replicate the same wit, bristling intelligence, wisdom and courage he displayed in the just concluded and highly successful USA and Canada town hall meetings. We are therefore calling on all IPOB family members in Australia,  social and cultural organisations of every ethnic persuasion to come out en masse not only to welcome our leader in grand style but to bear witness to the gospel of redemption as preached by the one and only entity the corrupt Nigerian system is afraid of.

We advise those living in Australia and New Zealand to listen and watch out for date, time and venue of the town hall meeting in their respective cities.

IPOB is currently engaged in deep and fruitful consultations with local and international stakeholders, power brokers and influencers through our diplomatic outreach which for obvious reasons has been kept out of public discuss. One thing is certain, this IPOB led agitation for Biafra independence will not repeat the mistakes of the past.


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike

Genocide: IPOB Place US, UN, EU, AU On Notice Over The Silent Genocide Against People of Biafra By Nigerian Islamic Army


We the global family of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) condemn the incessant and illegal arrest of innocent people in Aba Abia State since Saturday 27th July, 2019 by Nigeria soldiers. If the ruling terror sponsoring Fulani cabal in Aso Rock headed by Abba Kyari thinks Nigerian Army can succeed in clearing the path for Miyetti Allah to conquer our land for their Fulani migrants from across the Sahel, then they are mistaken.

We are asking the United States ambassador to Nigeria, his British counterpart, EU representative and African Union to note the level of lawlessness being unleashed on peace loving Biafrans by men of the Nigeria Army. A combined force of the Nigerian Army, Police and other security outfits have started providing logistical, intelligence and ground offensive support for the advancing murderous Fulani herdsmen.  Nigerian Army formations in Biafraland have become in effect the advance guard of the invading Fulani terrorists. People are being kidnapped, summarily executed and detained without trial as a way of weakening our resolve in our avowed resistance against Aso Rock sponsored Islamisation agenda in the south.

We know the US mission to Nigeria, British High Commission and the rest will pretend they don't know what is happening but we encourage them to send a fact finding mission to Aba as a matter of urgency to gain a first hand knowledge of the silent genocide being committed by the Nigerian Army against innocent civilian Biafran populations.

If the United States embassy and British High Commission in Nigeria is part of this devilish Fulani ploy to destroy and conquer Biafraland they should let the world know rather than looking the other way as the brutal massacre of civilians continue unabated across Biafraland.

The unconstitutional and illegal arrest of Biafran citizens in Aba since last Saturday must stop. This same Nigerian Army that has failed woefully to fight Boko Haram or curb the activities of their fellow Fulani terror herdsmen are in Aba arresting people at Ehi Road by Kent, close to the shopping center. There they have been abducting dozens of innocent citizens and taking them to unknown locations. None of their victims has ever returned alive. Nigerian soldiers are in Aba terrorizing the residents for the benefit of their Fulanisation agenda. There is no war going on anywhere in Biafraland but every kilometer is Fulani army checkpoint. Civilized nations of the world must prevail upon the Abba Kyari led government of Nigeria and her Nigerian Army to disclose the whereabouts of those they abducted and where their dead bodies are.

The Nigerian Army arrested more than 50 people at a place known as Abia State Amalgamated Tricycle Operators Association (ASATOA) office in Aba along Kent Street. They equally arrested 25 people at Afor-Une in Umungasi and St Michael's Road Aba near NUJ office. It was a wicked sight according to the passers-by and eyewitnesses. The Fulani Islamic solders who were on this mission boasted and shouted that they will soon start arresting ladies and mothers that wear mini skirt or any form of short dress in Aba. They are in effect enforcing Islamic Sharia law in 100% Judeo-Christian Aba. Is it now the duty of an army to enforce the dress code of women in a supposed secular democracy?

We wish to place the United States Ambassador to Nigeria on notice that mass arrests and cold blooded execution of Biafrans going on in Aba is unacceptable. We duly expect him to notify the State Department in Washington about this ugly development. We know the British High Commission in Nigeria will always support any Fulani murderous expansionism against Biafrans but it will be prudent for the diplomatic community to understand that we will not allow this Nigerian Army of occupation to get continue to get away with murder. When we start the defense of our land  nobody should blame us.

Mainstream media in Nigeria should equally note what the Nigerian Army is doing in Aba for future reference because we shall resist this silent genocide in our land with all our might and when we do, they should always remember the Nigerian Army first started it.

With all these going on in Aba, we call on men and women of goodwill across the world to prevail upon the  Nigerian government of Fulani in Aso Rock and their Nigerian Army to release the dead bodies of those they arrested and executed on Saturday in Aba without further delay because they committed no crime.


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike