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Following the successful completion of our Operation Cow Dance, beautifully executed by the United Kingdom IPOB family, that led to the premature and unscheduled exit of the person referred to as 'Muhammadu Buhari' from his Abuja House London residence on Friday 20 April 2018 back to Nigeria; the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has vowed to intensify it's efforts to unmask the real man, Jubril, behind the Buhari mask. In this regard we have decided to launch the follow-up  Operation Cow Dance 2 to coincide with the planned arrival of 'Muhammadu Buhari' in Washington on April, 30th. The aim of this Operation Cow Dance 2, to be undertaken by the great IPOB family in the United States, is to apprehend and submit the man who has been doing the job of impersonating Buhari and deceiving millions of people all over the world to a DNA test.

It will be in the best of the Fulani cabal to suspend the planned trip to the US and take further steps to prevail upon Jubril not to contest as Buhari in 2019 because he will be unmasked. When our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the prophet of our time said that Buhari will usher in Biafra, this scenario currently playing out with Jubril must have been what he had in mind. We patiently waited for the cabal to announce that Jubril will run again in order to trap them in their own web of deceit and now we have done that, we are now going to bring an end to Nigeria by revealing the grand conspiracy and deception that created this Buhari alta ego.

IPOB will prove to the world that Jubril is not the Buhari that died in early 2017 and buried in Saudi Arabia. The heat is on to obtain Jubril's DNA during this US trip. Technology exists that can extract DNA from the most unlikely of sources. So, no matter what his handlers does in the US, Jubril must leave his DNA which will be matched with the DNA of one of Buhari's children and his sister which is in IPOB possession. The worst mistake Fulani cabal made was not to allow Yemi Osinbajo to take over when Buhari died. Fulani cabal disdain for written laws, rules and procedures is their undoing. Our leader knew this Jubtil presented a golden opportunity for the spectacular collapse of Nigeria that was why he publicly announced it to a stunned global audience that Jubril is not Buhari. Our leader knew that oroving that Jubril is not Buhari will be one of the quickest ways to bring an end to Nigeria and the emergence of Biafra.

We could have attempted the extraction of the DNA in London but decided against it because we know the British government always favoured Islamic Arewa regimes and will do anything to protect and perpetuate their rule. USA is the best terrain for IPOB to obtain it since the latest technology in remote extraction of DNA is publicly available. From now onwards a drop of sweat from Jubril, every microphone he uses, every where he leaves a sweaty palm or finger print, every surface he touches, he leaves something that will prove he is not Buhari.

What happened in London will be a child's play compared to what shall become of this version of Buhari in Washington if he attempts this visit. IPOB USA is ready and waiting. We know the man masquerading as Buhari is fake and is Jubril from Sudan, we are going to get his DNA to prove it.

There is no way that Nigeria can emerge from this impending catastrophe. This present person claiming he is Buhari can never contest in 2019 because he will attend rallies, public meetings and he will definitely sweat or leave his bodily fluid somewhere. This is a trap from which Nigeria will never recover. IPOB have within its ranks the most intelligent people and strategists in the world. Watch as we take Nigeria apart piece by piece. Biafra is almost here.




FROM: Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB)

DATELINE: London UK, 12th April, 2018


The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) hereby wish to acknowledge Justice Binta Murtala-Nyako for the uncommon courage she demonstrated days ago in dismissing terrorism charges against two Boko Haram suspects on grounds of lack of diligent prosecution by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation. We consider this a landmark decision that not only binds her court in all similar cases but should also serve as an example to other courts before whom such prosecutorial misconduct continues unabated, especially with regards to IPOB members (Benjamin Madubugwu, David Nwawusi, Bright Chimezie Ishinwa & Chidiebere Onwudiwe) languishing in detention since 2015 without trial.

More particularly, we expect the Honorable Justice before whom Charges have been pending against four of the above IPOB members, including our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to do justice and likewise dismiss said Charges for the following reasons:

1. With regard to our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it is undisputed that he has been ready for trial since he was arrested and charged in 2015 but the prosecution has proved unready and resorted to the dilatory tactics of filing several applications for amendment of the Charges which were all granted by Justice Nyako. And just when it was becoming clear that trial must ensue and no further prosecutorial delay will be entertained, the Complainant (Federal Government) resorted to the use of lethal military force to extra-judicially murder Nnamdi Kanu in order to permanently deny him his day in court to prove his innocence.

2. As regards the other IPOB patriots charged together with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the story is the same and even worse as they have been denied bail and locked up in prison since 2015 while the prosecution continues to demonstrate an abject lack of diligent prosecution through incessant applications for amendment of Charges, with the last one being in March, 2018. Bright Chimezie Ishinwa was discharged and acquired by a Federal High Court in Uyo and awarded 5 Million Naira damages. DSS refused to release him, he is still in detention.

3. When trial finally commenced last month against the other four defendants charged together with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it emerged from the direct and cross examination of the only witness presented by the prosecution that the defendants actually have no case to answer, especially with respect to the allegations of treasonable felony and the so-called concealment of an imported transmitter. Instead of continuing with the trial the prosecution asked for two months adjournment. Why they requested such lengthy adjournment defies logic since they claim they have their witnesses ready. It is very clear the AGF has no credible witness to present hence the culture of adjournment after adjournment to prolong the illegal detention of these Biafrans. If they were Fulani by ethnicity, they would have been released by now.

4. The world have observed from the proof of evidence and list of witnesses disclosed to the court that the prosecution lacks any evidence and witnesses to even make out a prima facie case against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the other accused IPOB patriots. Even Justice Binta Nyako ruled the same when she considered the evidence or lack of before the court. Moreover secession is not a crime known to Nigerian legal system so why is a learned judge like Binta Nyako entertaining a baseless charge not founded upon any law?

5. Based on the bold decision rendered by Justice Nyako in the said Boko Haram cases, we expect that the honorable Justice will apply her decision acrosss the board and without any discrimination whatsoever by also dismissing the charges pending before before her court against our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Benjamin Madubugwu, Bright Chimezie, David Nwawusi and Chidiebere Onwudiwe.

6. If Justice Nyako feels strongly that the Federal Government has unresolved issues with IPOB, she has the authority to invoke her powers to recommend a 'political solution' under Section 17 (Reconciliation in civil and criminal cases) of the Federal High Court Act, which provides that "In any proceedings in the Court, the Court may promote reconciliation among the parties thereto and encourage and facilitate the amicable settlement thereof". We firmly believe that this may have informed the decision of the court to grant such lengthy adjournment in the first place. Justice Binta Nyako should not entertain any further requests for adjournment of this matter or calculated non appearance by the prosecution team as a way of delaying justice from being served in this matter. Since it has been clearly demonstrated that the government is not willing to proceed with the case and lack the witnesses to testify for them, the only sensible left for Justice Binta Nyako is to dismiss the charges and free the detainees until the government is ready to prosecute the case.

7. Finally, we wish to remind Justice Nyako that while members of Boko Haram have taken lives of thousands of Nigerians and still doing so, no member of IPOB has taken the life of a single Nigerian or committed any act of violence whatsoever. There is no moral or legal justification for the indefinite definite detention of IPOB activists in Nigerian prisons.

We believe that what is good for Fulani Boko Haram suspects is also good for Igbo Biafra activists that never bombed or killed anybody unlike Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.


Mazi Chika Edoziem

Head of Directorate of State (HDoS)

Indigenous People of Biafra

World Headquarters

Langenfeld Germany

PRESS RELEASE !!! IPOB replies Nwodo on his call for probe of army massacre of Igbos

– PRESS RELEASE, April 11, 2018 –

‘Why no reasonable person should believe the lies of Nnia Nwodo regarding call for probe into army massacre of IPOB members during Operation Python Dance‘

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership wish to clarify that we continue to hold Chief John Nnia Nwodo, South East governors, Nigerian Army and some Lagos based political errand boys responsible for the murder of dozens of agitators during Operation Python Dance II which they initiated. Chief Nnia Nwodo and South East governors, especially Dave Umahi and Okezie Ikpeazu along with their cohorts, stained their hands with the blood of the innocent whose only crime was to stand up for their right in defence of the honour and dignity of the Igbo race and entire people of Biafra.

Nnia Nwodo and his fellow band of murderers in the person of Dave Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu, Willie Obiano, Rochas Okorocha, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi must know that our people are now enlightened enough not to accept their gimmicks and lies. Nwodo’s call for the Nigerian Army to probe the massacre in Abia and Rivers State is medicine after death.

There was no justification for Nnia Nwodo and South East governors to betray or sabotage the efforts of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB who were merely trying to rescue their nation Biafra from the hell Nigeria had become. The damage of Operation Python Dance has already been done. Those that perished as a result of the actions of Nnia Nwodo and South East governors, will never again rise from the grave. Therefore, it will be foolhardy for Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors to act as though we have all of sudden forgotten the event of the 14th of September, 2017 that occasioned the killing of our vibrant youths in cold blood and possible murder of our leader and his parents.

John Nnia Nwodo and his associates in crime will never exonerate themselves from such crime against humanity by merely offering warm words at a function in Enugu. Selfishness, jealousy and envy made them to act ignominiously and now they are beginning to realize the gravity of what they did on that fateful day of September 14, 2017.

Any probe of the military invasion of Igboland and killing of IPOB members at Afaraukwu Umuahia, Isiala Ngwa, Aba and Obigbo Igweocha must start with the role Nwodo, Umahi, Ikpeazu and other governors played. They cannot join hands with the spirit of the dead to kill at night, then join the living during daylight to shed Crocodile tears at the funeral of their victims. Those IPOB members slaughtered by Fulani soldiers died because Nnia Nwodo, Dave Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu wanted Nnamdi Kanu killed at all cost in order to stop IPOB and please the north who threatened to kill Igbo people living in Northern Nigeria if Biafra agitation is not stopped.

We urge the public to carefully scrutinise the statements of Nnia Nwodo, Okezie Ikpeazu and Dave Umahi during and immediately after the military siege at our Kanu’s compound between 10-14 September 2017 to find answers to many questions regarding the role these Igbo men played in masterminding the slaughter of their own people.

In publicly available statements, Nnia Nwodo and Okezie Ikpeazu especially, admitted that Nnamdi Kanu and some of his supporters had to be killed as sacrificial lambs to save millions of Igbo lives in the North. People should go back and research the contents of the press briefing Nnia Nwodo gave titled “Why I parted ways with IPOB” in the aftermath of Operation Python Dance II. We find it baffling that Nnia Nwodo would belatedly, full 8 months after the heinous crime in Umuahia, be calling upon the Army to bring to book their soldiers implicated in the massacre, as if they (Ohaneze Ndigbo and Igbo governors) were not the people who actively initiated and supported the killing of their children in the first place. Ohaneze Ndigbo and Igbo governors are on record as being the only group in the history of the world, not just Nigeria, to call for the killing and extermination of their own people.

Nnia Nwodo wants IPOB to allow him hold his Igbo summit so he can celebrate his presumed victory over IPOB and dance on the grave of our fallen brothers and sisters. We can never allow him commit such sacrilege.

There will be no Igbo one Nigeria restructuring summit anywhere in Igboland unless they openly and unashamedly campaign for a referendum to ascertain the wish of the people of Biafra. Nnia Nwodo and South East governors has made themselves enemy of the people and must not allowed to continue playing with the life of our people.

They should not waste their energy dreaming and talking about restructuring as that would further alienate them from having a say in the affairs of the people of Biafra. One thing is certain, you cannot eat your cake and have it back, John Nnia Nwodo should do himself honor by tending a resignation letter than to wait until he is forced to bail out in disgrace. Enough of their arrant nonsenses, period!



Account of proceedings in the Conspiracy to Commit Treasonable Felony trial against 4 IPOB family members at Federal High Court Abuja

After 3 years training and countless adjournments, all the star government witnesscould say is "I don't know".

By Emma Powerful

Account of proceedings in the Conspiracy to Commit Treasonable Felony trial against 4 IPOB family members at Federal High Court Abuja

~blow by blow account

~IPOB was not an illegal group when Nnamdi Kanu was arrested - Govt Witness

We the worldwide family of the Indigenous People of Biafra wish to draw the attention of the civilised to what transpired at Justice Binta Nyako's court in Abuja on Thursday 22 March 2018 at the commencement of the trial of 4 innocent Biafrans. The world must know that they are standing trial for offences not known to any law in Nigeria. A trial of this magnitude on the opening day usually witness the key evidence or testimony from the prosecution or their witness but what played out in court was anything but. This trial, observed on social media by millions of people all over the world, waited anxiously for the 'smoking gun' or key government evidence to be tendered in court or alluded to in oral evidence given by the prosecution witness to no avail. Nothing happened!

It turned out that the key evidence the government is relying upon to gain a conviction of conspiracy to commit treasonable felony is a non operational and disused AM Shortwave transmitter legally purchased from Nigerian Customs at an auction in Apapa Lagos. We have taken the precaution of attaching the full transcript of the witness testimony under oath to buttress this point.

The four IPOB family members standing trial have been in illegal detention for nearly nearly three years, with proper trial only commencing now on March 22, 2018. Thankfully and for the first time in public, the key witness for the Federal Government of Nigeria admitted in court that being a member of IPOB was not a crime when the defendants were arrested.

The Witness, simply identified as AB to hide his true identity, as directed by the presiding judge, is a DSS officer that claimed that he "investigated" Bright Chimezie, one of the defendants, after he was arrested by the DSS at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Led in evidence by prosecution counsel, the witness also testified that Mr Chimezie was an IPOB 'Welfare Officer in charge of giving money donated by IPOB members to assist widows IPOB members killed by security agents during their demonstrations on self determination'.

The Witness further testified that Mr Chimezie was the one who took delivery of the Container bearing the transmitter the government had alleged IPOB intended to use to broadcast its 'message of self determination in Nigeria'.

On cross examination by Chukwudi Igwe, defense Counsel to Bright Chimezie, the Witness contradicted himself by testifying that 'IPOB was not an illegal group and belonging to it was not illegal when Chimezie was arrested'.

It will be recalled that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB who has been missing since the Nigeria army attacked his home, was also arrested for the same transmitter-related 'offense of self determination or preparations to secede' as stated on the various Charge Sheets'.

Upon further cross examination, the DSS witness also admitted that he did not travel to Uyo to find out why Mr Chimezie was arrested and that he did not travel to the Lagos Wharf to investigate whether the 'Container was cleared or smuggled'. Informed by counsel that the Container was not smuggled but properly cleared, the Witness answered that he did not know and that he was just stating what he was told by 'the team of DSS investigators'.

Further, the Witness admitted that he did not see any Bill of Lading showing that it was IPOB that imported the Container at issue. Asked to explain what he really did as an 'investigator' when he didn't visit the scenes of the alleged offense, the DSS officer stated that the only thing he did was to take the Written Statement of Bright Chimezie and endorsed it.

On further cross examination by other defense counsels, the Witness was asked to explain whether it is illegal for a group to cater for the welfare of widows of its members, the Witness responded that it's not illegal. Asked to explain why DSS kept Chimezie in detention this long when he was not the one that imported the Container, and being member of IPOB was not illegal, the Witness could not offer any explanation, whereupon the defense counsel requested the court to note his non-response.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that defense counsels have filed a Notice of Preliminary Objection challenging jurisdiction and praying the court to strike the charge of 'Treasonable Felony' against the defendants on the grounds that 'agitating for self-determination or secession is not a crime known to any Nigerian Law'. In the Motion, counsels argued that 'the allegation that defendants were making preparations to secede is not one of the FOUR offenses defined as a treasonable felony under Section 41 of the Criminal Code'. The Section provides as follows:

"Any person who forms an intention to effect any of the following purposes, that is to say-

(a) to remove during his term of office otherwise than by constitutional means the President as Head of State of the Federation and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces thereof; or

(b) to likewise remove during his term of office the Governor of a State; or

(c) to levy war against Nigeria in order by force or constraint to compel the President to change his measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon, or in order to intimidate or overawe any House of the National Assembly or any other Legislature or legislative authority; or

(d) to instigate any foreigner to make any armed invasion of Nigeria or of any of the territories thereof; and manifests such intention by an overt act, is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for life".

On the basis of the above provisions, defense counsels have contended in their Motion that 'preparations to secede' is not an 'offense captured under any of the four offenses named at Section 41 of the Criminal Code that should sustain the Charge of conspiracy to secede for which the defendants were charged under Section 516 of the Criminal Code'.

It will be recalled that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was also charged for the same offense that defense counsels have now challenged as not being an offense in Nigeria.

In view of this new and surprising development, the court adjourned the trial to May 1, 2018; and scheduled a hearing on the Motion challenging its jurisdiction as well as the applications for bail on March 28, 2018.

If according to the government witness, IPOB was not an illegal group when Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in October 2015, why then is the trial going ahead? Or is it because of the irrational fear of the success that Biafra will become or the morbid Hausa Fulani hatred for IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. Justice Binta Nyako must as a matter of public decency dismiss the frivolous charges, acquit the defendants and apologise to IPOB on behalf of the Nigerian judiciary.



Please find attached transcript of government witness statement under oath in the court of Justice Binta Nyako.

Transcript of Testimony of PW1, DSS Officer, Emmanuel Isaac, aka AB.
 (As Recorded suo sponte by Aloy Ejimakor).

Prelude: On the cue of Prosecution Counsel (LABARAN) on Direct, Witness AB identified Bright Chimezie and Onwudiwe by name, but stated that it's only Chimezie he 'has something to say about, not Onwudiwe'.


Question (Q). In November 2016, can you tell the court where you were posted?

Answer (Ans). I was at the Department of investigations, headquarters, SSS, Abuja.

Q. Tell court how you met first Defendant (Bright Chimezie).

Ans. I met him on 25th November 2016 when he was brought to my department. My head of department directed me to interview him and then I took him to my office which I share with other officers. When we got to my office, I offered him a seat and we had a little interaction. And in the course of the interaction, I asked him why he was arrested. He told me voluntarily the reason why he was arrested and where he was arrested.

Q. After interaction, what followed.

Ans. I asked if he can write what he told me out of his own accord. During that interaction, before then I told him that you are here and nobody will force you. I cautioned him that nobody is forcing you, but if you tell me anything voluntarily, it will be used against you in court.

Q. What happened after.

Ans. I gave him a form - the statement form to reduce what he told me verbally in writing. He proved to me that he can write. He filled the statement form, and then wrote what he told me verbally and then he endorsed it. Then I now asked him, whether it's ok, and he said it's ok, whereupon I endorsed the statement.

Q. Then what.

Ans. I handed the statement to my superior officer, who asked Chimezie if he made such statement, he said he did, and then my superior officer endorsed it.

Q. Can you recognize the statement.

Ans. Yes, because it bears logo of SSS and also it should bear my signature.
 *** Whereupon he identified the Statement which the Court then marked as Exhibit PW1A ***

Q. Did you do make any findings in the course of your job as an investigator.

Ans. Yes. I investigated and found out that he is a member of ipob. He joined in PH. And my investigation also revealed that he was the one that took delivery of the container imported by IPOB AS A GROUP, containing a Transmitter. I discovered that he bright took the container to one Benjamin Madubugwu. I also discovered that in that 2016, he was in charge of the welfare of wives of members of ipob. And being in charge of that welfare, he severally collected money from some of group members based in abroad.

Q. Is that all?

Ans. That's all


Q. Can you remind me that your name again.

Ans. AB.

Q. Can you tell this court when Bright was arrested.

Ans. I don't know when he arrested. I only know when I met him.

Q. Can you tell this court at what point the first Defendant was arrested.

Ans. Like I said earlier I was not part of the team that arrested him. So I don't know when he was arrested.

Q. Can you tell this court how long first Defendant has been in the custody of your office.

Ans. I don't know.

Q. Are you aware that the first Defendant when he was arrested in Uyo made a statement at your office in Uyo.

Ans. I am not aware.

Q. How many times did you visit Uyo where first Defendant was arrested to conduct investigation.

Ans. I did not visit Uyo.

Q. Did he tell you why he was arrested.

Ans. Yes.

Q. In the course of telling you why he was arrested, as an investigating SSS officer for six years, tell this court why you did not go as far as finding out where and why he was arrested.

** HERE LABARAN (Lead Prosecutor) OBJECTED on grounds of 'witness intimidation'.

And C. IGWE explains to the Court... that 'My intention for this line of questioning is to find out whether he actually investigated this case'.

COURT OVERRULES THE OBJECTION, whereupon C. IGWE continues with the Cross ...

Q. Tell this court, how many times you visited Uyo or the place of his arrest.

Ans. I did not visit Uyo.

Q. Tell this court how you found out those things you said you found out during your investigation.

Ans. We have our way of conducting investigation and that's not what I should be lecturing you.

** Whereupon the court interjected angrily and directed that he should answer the question on how. And the he continued and stated ... my department and the investigation team went further to confirm the statement of the first Defendant and a search team made a search and they discovered a container and Bright Chimezie confirmed that he took delivery of the container and he made mention of the person who cleared the container and when he cleared it.

Q. Tell this court the point the first Defendant was told the offense he committed.

Ans. First Defendant confessed to the offense.

 C. IGWE, Esq applied for exhibition of PW1A to the Witness. Whereupon the clerk gave it to the Witness.

Cross Examination continues ...

Q. Bright wrote that statement and you endorsed and your superior officer endorsed it. Read out what the first Defendant wrote.

Whereupon ... Witness began to read the statement and finished it to the end.

Q. Can you tell this court whether the statement you just read was made voluntarily or as a response to questions you put to him.

Ans. No.

Q. How long the was the first Defendant in custody of SSS before he was arraigned before this court two days ago.

Ans. I don't know.

Q. You told the court that you made findings in the course of your investigation. Right?

Ans. Point of correction. I said ... in the course of the investigations, not necessarily my own investigation.

Q. So, you did not make any findings yourself. True or false.

Ans. False.

Q. But you said that Nnamdi Kanu and Chimezie imported the container.

Ans. I did not say that. I said that findings were made that Chimezie took delivery of container imported by IPOB on instructions of Nnamdi Kanu and took it to Madubugwu.

Q. As the principal or major investigator, did you extend your investigation to the wharf to truly ascertain the container.

Ans. No. I did not travel to the wharf.

Q. Did you extend your 'findings' to the wharf.

Ans. No. I did not.

Q. Why didn't you think it was necessary to find out if this container was coming from a nigerian wharf. Or was the container cleared at the wharf or smuggled in.

Ans. I wouldn't know whether it was cleared or smuggled.

Q. When you made the findings that he took delivery of the container, did you extend the findings to finding out whether his name was on the Bill of Lading.

Ans. No.

Q. Am I right to say that when you were giving testimony, you stated that the container was imported by IPOB.

Ans. Yes I said so.

Q. Do you know the content of the container that Chimezie took delivery of.

Ans. No. I don't know.

Q. Are the contents of the container contraband.

Ans. I wouldn't know.

Q. How did you find out that the container was imported by IPOB.

Ans. He confessed to it.

Q. You keep saying my team my team, are you part of the team.

Ans. No. I am not part of the team.

Q. Would I be right to say the you as a person, you are not even sure that a transmitter was part of the items imported. Or at what point did you find out that the transmitter discovered was part of the products in the container imported by IPOB as you said.

Ans. As I said before, it was the first Defendant that confirmed that it is a transmitter when the picture was posted online.

Q. So, would I be right to say that you first found out it was a transmitter only the day you interviewed the first Defendant at your office.

Ans. Yes.

Q. Was the transmitter part of the items imported in the container that first Defendant took delivery of.

Ans. Yes.


Q. How long have you worked in investigation department.

Ans. Four years.

Q. What formal training did you receive as investigator.

Ans. I have undergone some training in accordance with tradition of SSS.

Q. Pls be clear and specific. Would you beat your chest and say you are a good investigator.

Ans. I am a good investigator even though still undergoing training.

Q. You said you have nothing to say about the second Defendant Onwudiwe.

Ans. Yes. I have nothing to say about the second Defendant.

Q. You said you cautioned the first Defendant.

Ans. I did not say that. What I said that he should ask me what he does not understand.

Q. Is that your usual practice?

Ans. Yes.

Q. You stated from reading the Statement of first Defendant that he was being given money by IPOB to give to widows of slain IPOB demonstrators.

And. Yes.

Q. Am I right to put it to you that such group that gives money to widows is not an illegal group but a philanthropic group.

LABARAN Objected; the Court directed IFERE to reframe the Question ...

Q. In your opinion, would you say a group that donates money to poor widows is a bad or illegal group.

Ana. No answer.

Q. Let me put it this way, when First Defendant was arrested was IPOB an illegal group. Or when did IPOB become an illegal group.

And. No. IPOB became illegal group in 2017 but I don't remember the exact date. It is the purpose of the group that is bad ... ** Whereupon the Court interrupted the Witness and cautioned him that he has answered the Question and that the Conclusion he's attempting to draw is for the Court, not him **



Q. I would be right to say that the only role you played in this case is to take down the statement of the first Defendant.

Ans. Yes.

Q. Are you aware that the first Defendant was granted bail by FHC Uyo.

Ans. I am not aware.

Q. Would I be right also to say that you don't know any single thing about Madubugwu.

Ans. Yes.

Q. Now, you asked the first Defendant what the purpose of IPOB is. Am I correct.

Ans. No.

Q. Let's go over what you did in your office. You told this court that first of all the first Defendant was brought to the head of your Department, and the head of your department handed the first Defendant over to you to go and take down his statement.

Ans. Yes.

Q. So, you didn't tell the first Defendant the reason why he was arrested.

Ans. Yes. Because I was not the one that arrested him.

Q. In the course of your interaction, you didn't tell him why he was arrested, rather the first Defendant was the one telling you why he was arrested.

Ans. I did not tell him why he was arrested.

Q. Did you have any Petition against the first Defendant or anything to show him that was the allegation against him.

Ans. No.

Q. Can you tell this court your rank.

Ans. I am a Senior Detective.

Q. What is your grade level in the civil service structure.

Ans. I am a level 12 officer.

Q. What is the model of the Transmitter.

Ans. I don't know.

Q. After taking statement of first Defendant, what did you do with him.

Ans. I took him back to our head of department.

Q. And what happened.

Ans. I went back to my office.

Q. What grade level makes a head of Department.

Ans. I don't know.


Q. You told the court that you have a team of investigators.

Ans. Yes.

Q. To investigate what or who or just Bright Chimezie.

Ans. Yes. To investigate his case.

Q. How many investigators.

Ans. I don't know.

Q. As a human being, would you be happy to see these people sent to prison just to please your boss or your director or the AGF.

Ans. No. I believe in justice.

Q. Did you read the amended charges and the proof of evidence attached.

Ans. No.

Q. Did you read the statement of Mr David the fourth Defendant.

Ans. No.

Q. Are you aware that the FHC Uyo declared first Defendant detention illegal.

Ans. I am not aware.

 March 22, 2018.

Indigenous people of Biafra is not a terrorist group

By Chidi Nkwopara, OWERRI.

An air of disbelief and shock enveloped parts of Imo State Thursday, following the court judgment that confirmed Federal Government’s position that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, is a terrorist group.

People were seen in groups, discussing the development in hushed tones, as soon as the outcome of the judgment filtered into Owerri municipality.

Efforts made to get some government officials to speak on the issue failed, as they reasoned that “it is a very delicate national issue”. However, some people who claimed to be IPOB loyalists said they were not surprised by the judgment of the court. “What did you expect from the court controlled by the same government that called us a terrorist group? It is sheer irony that those who don’t carry firearms and don’t believe in wasting precious human lives are branded terrorists.

This is Nigeria for you”, Ikechukwu Okam said.

According to Ikechukwu, “everything about Ndigbo must be treated like our views and aspirations don’t count”.

In her own opinion, Florence, a mother of three queried why the rampaging herdsmen that have killed several people, are still treated with kid gloves, while IPOB loyalists are branded terrorists.

“Go and tell government that they can kill the flesh but definitely not the spirit. Many souls may still be killed by the security agencies, but generations after us will continue from where we stopped”, Florence said.

She recalled that only recently, a court of corresponding jurisdiction, ruled that IPOB was not a terrorist group and wondered what the judge saw differently.

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The reason why we lunched Radio Nigeria Hausa service - By Mr Emma Powerful

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused the Directorate of State Services (DSS) of establishing another version of Radio Biafra, with the hope of using it to sabotage the group’s struggle.

IPOB’s media and publicity secretary, Mr Emma Powerful in a press release made available to DAILY POST in Awka Stated that the new version of Radio Biafra which has been on air for sometime has been dishing out fake news about the group’s secessionist struggle.

Powerful said the fake radio station which was broadcasting from Florida in the United States of America as against the original station which is based in London was the handiwork of the DSS, which is using it to deceive the people and also misinforming them.

Recall that a radio station announced as Radio Biafra had a month ago, upon commencement of operations announced that it had removed the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu as the Director General of the station for acts that were deemed inimical to the struggle for Biafra.

Part of the release stated that, “Radio Biafra London which has been broadcasting from inception, is still registered and operates from London and the Director and Deputy Director, remains our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his Deputy Mazi Uche Mefor. Mazi Chika Edoziem is the Head of the Directorate of State (DOS).

“We are warning all Biafrans to be vigilant and wary of the new strategy and antics of the Nigerian government and her agencies, especially DSS. They are determined to confuse and deceive the public with fake news from their fake radio station broadcasting from Florida USA.

“They have managed to recruit a handful of money hungry Igbo traitors and APC members in America who are helping them run this new DSS radio Biafra station on shortwave and FM. DSS tagged their new fake radio station, Radio Biafra, in the hope of confusing Biafrans into believing in their lies against our leadership structure and modus operandi.”

The group queried the reason for announcing on the new station that it was operating in London instead of Florida, USA where the station is based, saying that it was an attempt to make it look like the original Radio Biafra.

Powerful stated that to prove its case that the new Radio Biafra was a clone, it would pay the Nigerian government with its own coin by also cloning the Nigerian government owned Radio Nigeria within one month.

“The indomitable IPOB family worldwide will soon launch another version of Radio Nigeria on Short Wave in response to these crude, senseless and amateurish antics of DSS. We shall in the coming weeks be launching a new Radio Nigeria service in Hausa language as a direct response to this move by the Nigerian Government to prove to them that we Biafrans are too intelligent to be taken in by this crude antics.

“We are advising every Biafran to ignore and disregard every information coming from any other radio station claiming they are working for Biafra unless it’s Radio Biafra, London. What DSS is doing, with the help of some media houses and traitors, is to create an atmosphere of confusion and uncertainty, given the absence of our kidnapped leader.

“Many more fake online and terrestrial radio stations peddling fake news about Biafra independence and IPOB leadership are coming so Biafrans must be prepared to dismantle them with truth, facts and figures.”