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Biafra : Nnamdi Kanu reveals real reason soldiers invaded his home

* Hints on what will happen on '17th of this month'

By Steve Oko

Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra,  IPOB,  Nnamani Kanu, has revealed real reason soldiers raided his Afaraukwu Umuahia country home last year.

Kanu   who made the revelation in a post on Radio Biafra Facebook page said he was marked for elimination because he was the first to alert the world of the "impostor in Aso Rock ".

The IPOB Leader who was addressing a crowd of his supporters in his father's compound had told them that Buhari was dead but replaced with a double.

According to the video clip,  he vowed to storm Abuja with 2 million IPOB members on the "17th of this month " (probably September 2017).

His house was however raided on September 14, three days before the date and his court case  in Abuja.

Kanu said he was under oath to actualise Biafra restoration.

The IPOB leader who is currently taking refuge in Israel was heard in the video  saying "it is either Biafra or death".

His words : " I am under oath to defend Biafra.  The man in Aso Rock is a product of extensive surgery.

" I will take 2 million people to Abuja and Nigeria won't remain the same again.  I am taking 2 million IPOB members to Abuja on the 17th of this month. I cannot be arrested! "

Since his re-appearance in Israel about a month ago, Kanu has consistently maintained that "an impostor is now in charge of Aso Rock ", a claim the presidency has dismissed as "a bunkum and utter nonsense ".

Kanu in his latest broadcast on Radio Biafra threatened to "scientifically unmask the impostor in Aso Rock " on December 17 .

He said that when he raised the alarm in 2017 that Nigeria was being ruled by an impostor many folks  thought he was out of his senses.

Kanu noted with delight that many people are now getting curious over the 'Buhari  double ' narrative,  adding that many world leaders are also beginning to ask questions.

He said he should be commended for exposing the cover-up about the impostor masquerading as the President of the country.

However, Kanu's claims that President Muhammadu Buhari was dead and replaced by an impostor ( Jubril from Sudan) is still a subject of controversy as Buhari had debunked that "he was cloned".

Buhari had while interacting with Nigerians in far-away Poland on December 2, dismissed the rumour of his alleged double as false and malicious.

But Kanu disagreed with Buhari's explanations,  insisting the real Buhari was dead and replaced with  an impostor by the cabal holding Nigeria to ransom.

His words :" In 2017 Kanu awoke Biafrans over the impostor,  Jubril occupying Aso Rock people though it was a joke.

" Today the... is crumbling. The entire world is reasoning over the impostor. Countries are now asking questions.

" IPOB is the true pacesetters of Biafra struggle, resseting the brain of the blackman. People are rediscovering themselves and are seriously heading towards freedom.

"IPOB has proved that nothing is fundamentally wrong with the mind of the black man from the beginning of things. I'm not surprised to know why people are envious of IPOB and Nnamdi kanu ".

Jubril Saga: The Man In Aso Villa Is An Impostor Not Cloned, Stop Playing Diversionary Tricks - IPOB Warns FG


December 4, 2018 

The worldwide family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to place on record that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who through the mercy God and his personal love for truth brought the issue of the Aso Rock impostor to public knowledge last year, always maintained that Jubril is an impostor and never a clone. The attempt to misinform the world in Krakow, Poland by the handlers of Jubril is a total failure. From what we have so far gathered and as a result of the courageous undertaking by our leader to put the truth out in the public domain concerning Jubril, the Nigerian government has come under immense pressure by the international community to come clean on the troubling issue of an unelected Sudanese foreign national ruling Nigeria.

Any moment from now and hopefully on or before the advertised birthday anniversary of Muhammadu Buhari on the 17th of December 2018, our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will send political shockwaves throughout the whole world on this issue of an impostor in Aso Rock. Events will begin to unfold in far more greater scientific detail from now on since the Aso Rock cabal have failed to speak truthfully about how Jubril was brought into Nigeria to assume the position of the president of a country of nearly 180 million people. There will be no escape for gangsters in Aso Rock.

It is an indictment of the education system in Nigeria that seemingly educated people including senators do not know the difference between the word impostor and clone. Ordinary masses are left even more confused and ignorant by the insistence of the cabal media machine to divert the discussions away from the issue of an impostor to the murky world of new scientific advancements in human genetics. This is a ploy that is bound to fail because we will not let them keep on confusing the people.

An impostor is different from a clone. Jubril is an impostor, not a clone. An impostor is a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.  Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani is an impostor from Sudan who is now pretending to be real late Nigeria president Mohammed  Buhari who died on the 27/01/2017 and was buried in Saudi Arabia. A clone is an organism or cell, or group of organisms or cells, produced asexually from one ancestor or stock, to which they are genetically identical.

With these clarifications in mind, average Nigerians should understand better what our leader is saying. At the end of this process of revelation, other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and the international community will be grateful to IPOB Intelligence and have renewed respect for the courage and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

Staged Managed Fake Death Of Police Officer Never Occurred, We Are Non-Violent - IPOB


It is on record since the formation and inception of IPOB ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it has never indulged in any violence or crime of any sort no matter the level of provocation from Nigerian Government and her security agencies. IPOB is firmly rooted in the principles of peaceful agitation which the current  Nigerian Government and her controllers are fighting seriously hard to change.

However, it is shocking and baffling that people in government have decided to use some media houses to propagate false information and lies against IPOB activities not minding that we have remained peaceful and civil in every of our outing and conduct especially the recent ‘no election’ evangelism that happened in Nnewi Anambra State.

Nigeria Government and her security agencies through their various spokespersons have chosen to peddle lies against a world recognized and peaceful organization. Nigerian Police Force Anambra State command are in the habit of feeding half-baked lies to media houses in a desperate bid to tarnish our image before the international community. What happened yesterday at Nnewi Anambra State is another example of a lawless police organization intent on causing trouble.

What sort of country is Nigeria that police authority that is meant to investigate incidents before rushing to conclusion, will instead be dishing false information to newspaper houses without verifiable evidence. The whole world knows some significant proportion of Nigerians, especially their security personnel, are unrepentant liars. IPOB has never involved itself in any form of lawlessness and we remain committed towards restoring Biafra sovereignty through peaceful and democratic process which is referendum. Nigerian police and their army have chosen to launch numerous unprovoked attacks against IPOB which have led to countless loss of life on the part of IPOB in the past. Nigerian government should thank their lucky stars that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a peaceful man otherwise the whole Biafraland will be ablaze by now.

After hiding a policeman in the sewer, Anambra police authority had the temerity to lie by claiming IPOB killed a police officer when the said officer was hiding inside the gutter. It was the police that raced to the venue of a peaceful march uninvited and as usual, started shooting and attacking IPOB family members who were on a peaceful rally in commemoration of our leader's reappearance in Jerusalem. The pictures accompanying this brief statement shows clearly that the stage-managed fake death of this police officer never occurred. IPOB did not snatch any police rifle of any sort because we are not a violent organization.

If the police ever arrested any person as they are claiming, it is only because they are used to kidnapping people and picking them up without trial in the hope of extorting money from poor families. We are pleased to report that no family member of IPOB that participated in the peaceful protest is missing. The police should release innocent citizens they rounded up, if at all they have some people in their custody as they claimed.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

Biafra: IPOB Intelligence uncovers plan on mass arrest of innocent people in and around Nnewi by Anambra state commissioner of police

IPOB Press Release

November 27, 2018

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) considers it important to commend every IPOB member and our gallant volunteers who made it possible on our last outing despite the stupidity and predictable intimidation from the Fulani Police Commissioner in Anambra State. It takes courage to defend the freedom and rights of the oppressed, therefore what IPOB has done and continues to do in the face of overwhelming repression and brutality must be commended by all thinking people. We thank the Volunteer Squad across Biafraland for carrying the message of ‘no election’ into our towns and villages. Our peaceful event across Biafraland on Friday proves the total formidability and resoluteness on the side of Biafran citizens towards the collective effort to restore Biafra.

The one and only IPOB ably led by our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must continue our evangelism and sensitization for Biafra referendum no matter the threats from Nigerian government and her security agencies. It is very pathetic and unbelievable to all Nigerians that Nigerian security forces who has been receiving serious and consistent thrashing from Boko Haram terrorists operating in the North East of Arewa north without resistance would summon the courage and temerity to go around Biafraland harassing unarmed civilians who are peaceful rallying on their own. The cowardly and wretched security agencies of Nigeria cannot confront and withstand Boko Haram terrorist but always find strength and courage in killing innocent Biafrans going about their lawful business.

It is important we remind this despotic Nigerian Government and her security forces that days are coming when they will no longer sneak up behind IPOB rally formations anywhere in Biafraland and be spared. During the recent peaceful street evangelism conducted by IPOB across Biafraland, only the Fulani police commissioner in Anambra State ordered his rag-tag police to attack our people because Obiano gave him permission to do so.

IPOB Intelligence has discovered a grand plan by Obiano and his Fulani masters in Aso Rock to commence a mass arrest of innocent people in and around Nnewi town as a way of creating disunity amongst the people. Obiano and IG of Police are hoping to drive a wedge between Biafra frontline agitators and our people doing businesses in Anambra State. They have resorted to going after and arresting every able-bodied person they come across. This morning they started what they termed house to house searching which is a cover for mass arrest and detention of innocent people. Now that Abba Kyari, the power behind the throne is reported to have died in London, anybody close to the Fulani cabal in Abuja must warn them to instruct Anambra State Police Command to stop the ongoing harassment of innocent citizens and to immediately release the innocent traders they arrested on Friday evening.

The Nigerian government, Obiano and the Fulani Police Commissioner in Anambra State is playing with something bigger than them. If they continue this way, they will be resisted through means and ways they never thought possible.

We wonder why Nigerian government and her security agencies including Gov. Obiano would accuse IPOB members of their missing guns and rifles when everybody knows that Nigerian police is the most corrupt institution in Nigeria and the very embodiment of lies. No sensible person believes the lies they concoct on a daily basis. IPOB doesn't move with guns and cannot do so until Biafra sovereignty is restored. We are warning Nigeria Government headed by Fulani caliphate including the Nigerian Police to leave IPOB family alone and release those arrested unjustly in the name of arresting IPOB family members.

Nobody or institution can stop our relentless march towards the fulfillment of our destiny as a people. That destiny is Biafra. If Nigerian government couldn’t stop us when they tried to kill our leader last year, is it now he’s in Israel they will stop us?


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike