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We Do Not Recognize Nigeria And Its Selective Politics, Obi Is On His Own, We Don't Know Him - IPOB Replies Gumi


IPOB Press Release

July 15 2022 | IPOB

The attention of the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the unguarded statements from the demented, controversial Islamic clerics and fundamentalists Sheikh Gumi alleging that IPOB agitation has slowed down in the South Eastern Region since Peter Obi picked up the tickets from Labour Party for presidential race in Nigeria. 

This purported statement attributed to this Northern terrorist’s spokesman shows the level of cluelessness and uninformed he is about IPOB movement and its activities. 

Sheikh Gumi must understand that IPOB is not in the same page with him and his terrorist cohorts ravaging the North and beyond. 

We understand that some unscrupulous elements in Nigeria especially Fulani elements were thinking that Peter Obi who is among those running the race to become Nigeria President would affect us or change our decisions to pursue the freedom of our dear Nation Biafra.  The Fulani terrorist’s government and their collaborators are dreaming. IPOB are not capitulating in this fight to liberate Biafra from the dungeon that British caged us with Fulani in this contraption packaged as a country Nigeria. 

Terrorists Spokesman, Gumi hatred and bloodsucking mentality against Biafra restoration beclouded his reasoning and could not allow him to see beyond his nose. Let him be informed that IPOB has engaged in world class standard freedom fighting which has successfully brought us thus far. We have covered the most rocky part in this struggle and no doubt that freedom of Biafra is certain. 

We must restore the Kingdom of God on Earth where of course our friends (Aboki Biafra, Awon óre Biafra) are free to migrate to and enjoy modern day Freedom and Fundamental human Rights in practical terms in Africa. The British Colonial Masters haven studied the history of creativity and ingenuity of Biafrans decided to frustrate our civilization by forming unholy and retrogressive union with normadics. That's why people like Shaikh Gumi who ought to be in the forest with cows is seen as one of the Nigerian elites. But ChukwuOkike (God the Creator) brought Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB to free His children from shackles of backwardness that Britain has put us into for many decades.

IPOB does not engage with any shambolic selection process they call "Nigeria election" and we are not interested in their fraudulent ways of selecting the president of Nigeria because we do not recognise Nigeria as a Sovereign State deserving our allegiance and loyalty. 

We have said it before now that IPOB does not know Peter Obi and Peter Obi does not know IPOB. If Peter Obi knows IPOB and its aims and objectives he wouldn't have come out in the first place to contest to waste his wealth and vast knowledge, talent and wisdom endowed experience which God Almighty (Chukwu Okike Abiama) gave and blessed Biafrans with in the Zoological Republic. Therefore, for Peter Obi to have come out to contest for Nigeria president is an indication that he is not on the same page with IPOB. But people should not equate him with IPOB agenda, they can say any other thing about him not Biafra agitation. 

We can never slow down agitation until Biafra comes.  Any Biafran who comes out and joined the election process under Nigeria has publicly proven that he or she is not in the same ideology with IPOB. Fulani people should stop dissipating their energies on what is not obtainable anywhere in the world. 

In view of this, the Nigeria Government approved legitimate Terror Industry Captain, facilitator and advocate like Gumi should distance himself on issues he knows nothing about and concern himself with latest strategic formats available to burry Nigeria terror-wise. 

The most important political process that IPOB is interested in and would overwhelmingly participate in would be an International Community Supervised Referendum on Biafrans choice to stay or exit Nigeria.

Finding one's way into public office, stealing public funds and using same to intimidating and buy shameless, dishonourable delegates as if they are in "SLAVE AUCTION MARKET" and subsequent votes naming that "those that understands politics" will be unacceptable in the Nation of Biafra. Nigeria election is a scam and despicable hence IPOB is not interested with Nigeria kind of politics... God forbid!

Biafra is something you would not understand how it will emerge because Elohim is paddling the movement through volunteered wise men and women who are intellectuals and not those speaking from both ends of their mouths.  

Biafra agitation/movement is intact and nothing will change our resolve towards this fight to achieve Biafra freedom through a peaceful nonviolent globally accepted practices, therefore no right-thinking person should take the character like Gumi a terrorist negotiator and his terrorism venture seriously. 


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

IPOB Gives British High Commissioner Ms Catriona Liang, Security Advice Reveals Assailant Plot On Her Life


IPOB Press Release

July 15 2022 | IPOB

The global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of our Liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu wish to advise the British High Commissioner, Catriona Laing to be more conscious of her environment. We as well call on British High Commissioner to shelve her regular visits to different parts of the Nigeria country-side especially the Biafraland otherwise referred to as South East. 

The reason for this sincere security advice is to save her life. Despite her hatred for Biafra and Igbos in particular we have optimal respect and value for sanctity of life, especially visitors to our land. 

In view of the recently intercepted Intel by our M-Branch the IPOB Intelligence Unit Department, there's an orchestrated conspiracy to perform a sacrifice big and powerful enough to strengthen the potency of the British hatred against the Igbos and Biafra. Such high-profile plan is zeroed towards using a highly placed person capable of making a headline news globally as a scapegoat. 

The leadership of IPOB do hereby advise that Ms Catriona Liang must as a matter of life and death suspend all her planned activities involving travels within Biafran Territories. Those that are threatened by Biafra restoration project has perfected evil plans to assassinate Ms Catriona Liang, the British Envoy on Biafra soil as a quick and cogent reason for Britain to disengage their weapons supplies to Ukraine and concentrate same towards Nigeria to be used against Biafrans. Their aim is to quash the agitation for Self Determination and to kill as many Indigenous Biafrans as possible and other residents in Biafra land.

We want to make it unequivocally clear to the International Community that IPOB is a non-violent Self Determination movement and we understand the usefulness of diplomacy and we respect diplomatic relations. In spite of Nigeria government's unprovoked attacks, arrest, torture, illegal detentions, rape, killings and forceful disappearance of our family members especially our youth, IPOB has not changed our peaceful non-violent agitation into armed struggle.  

IPOB does not wish the British Envoy death or dead, however if she ignores this advice and walk into the trap already set by enemies of Biafra struggle, that will be considered suicidal. We also want to let those masterminding the assassination plot of a British Envoy on Biafran soil to understand that nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will slow down let alone halt the Biafra restoration project.  We therefore, advise the British Envoy never to lose your guard even while we've successfully busted their plan.

It is worthy to note that we had never attacked British persons, citizens, investments and properties of any kind, and we do not have such intention now or in the future notwithstanding being at the receiving end of the British unpleasant attitudes, Igbophobic, Biafraphobic and stringent policies.

Garba Shehu and Co cabals hatched the plan to tarnish the image of ESN and IPOB and they decided to replicate what they did with the murder of the two Nigeria Army couples who were murdered last April.

We call on Garuba Shehu, the Aso Rock theatre art Director to choose another location, procure another format as those intercepted would never be released. 
The British woman called Catriona Laing, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria is not our problem, if Nigeria Presidency have run out of ideas on how to stop Biafra agitation why not try Referendum?

The UK Government must understand that IPOB's grudges against them has not reached to the extent that warrants assassination of their citizens in Biafraland, in Nigeria or in any other part of the World for that matter. 

Whosoever plans to invite Catriona Liang to Biafraland must provide adequate security enough to protect her and counter that which was planned in Aso-Rock in a meeting concluded on the 11.07.2022;21:35hrs in Abuja. 


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

Allegation By Buhari That IPOB Is Responsible For Pipeline Vandalism In Nigeria Is Childish, Laughable, Disgraceful And Fallacious -- IPOB


IPOB Press Release

June 22 2022 | IPOB

The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great and indefatigable leader, Mazi Nnamdi KANU, has been drawn to the laughable, disgraceful and fallacious statement from the supposed President of Nigeria, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, alleging that IPOB is behind pipeline vandalism in the Niger Delta.

For the impostor in Aso Rock to tell the US and other Western countries that IPOB is responsible for pipeline vandalism in the Niger Delta shows how shallow-minded and uninformed he is. Why should he choose to further advertise his ignorance and the failure of his government in credible intelligence gathering by making such laughable, wide and untenable allegation?

Muhammadu Buhari should tell America and other Western countries the locations of pipelines IPOB vandalised in their evil country. The allegation against IPOB by Buhari is childish because everybody knows that IPOB does not engage in pipeline vandalism in Nigeria. Even the international community knows that IPOB does not involve in such act.

Maybe the Fulani-controlled Federal Government of Buhari doesn't know that the West is not as daft and uninformed as he and his fellow clueless kleptomaniacs are, otherwise, he would not have made such embarrassing factless claims.

Buhari should be reminded that his Western audience already know the actual culprits behind pipeline vandalism in Nigeria and who the beneficiaries are. What a contradiction and confusion in Buhari's Nigeria! In case he has forgotten as usual, just last week, his NSCDC (Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps) boss threatened to name high profile Nigerians behind oil theft. Did the NSCDC boss need to issue such a threat assuming IPOB a 'terror organisation' according to Buhari's Nigeria is actually the ones behind the crime.

Buhari should also be reminded that his Western audience already know how his government is aiding his FULANI bandits in their wicked agenda of massacring Indigenous Nigerians and taking over their land. The West knows who and how ransom in hard currency are paid to FULANI bandits and terrorists Kidnapping innocent Nigerians, thus enabling them to amass more weapons for their genocidal agenda.

Buhari should be told that the West understands that his anger with IPOB is simply because IPOB remains the only obstacle to the evil agenda of his FULANI kinsmen to overrun NIGERIA and declare it an Islamic State. That is why it is only in Nigeria that IPOB, a peaceful movement with presence in over 100 countries is tagged a terrorist organisation.

Buhari and his kangaroo court delivered a black-market judgment against a peaceful movement seeking freedom for their people, without looking into his Fulani kinsmen's activities of eliminating none Fulani in the country. 

Buhari and his evil and wicked cabals refused to declare Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen manhandling, rapping destroying communities and killing innocent citizens of Nigeria. 

One thing is certain, IPOB will hunt down those terrorists masquerading as herdsmen in Biafran bushes and forests. Whatever allegations they like let them fabricate. We can't abdicate our divine mandate of defending our ancestral land against FULANI occupation.

 Buhari and his Fulani-controlled Federal Government of Nigeria sponsored insecurity in the Eastern region and blamed it on IPOB thinking that the world is unaware of the activities of Fulani and his military men deployed in our territory. 

The world is watching everything happening in Nigeria and IPOB members will stand firm because we won't allow them to take over our ancestral lands.

They have done that between 1967-1970 when they committed genocide against innocent Biafrans because Biafrans wanted to liberate themselves from the bondage Britain put us into by forcing disparate Nations with totally different value system and culture together in the contraption called the ZOOLOGICAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. 

Going to Bloomberg news and parroting falsehood against IPOB won't save him and his co-travellers from being prosecuted in the ICC, the international criminal court at appropriate time.

IPOB since formation and inauguration about twelve years ago has never been involved with pipeline vandalism. Buhari's hypocrisy will soon catch up with him. Buhari, you allowed your people to continue terrorising, massacring Nigerians but you will pay for it one day.

World leaders and countries should stop paying attention to Buhari and his Fulani terror government because they are living on a borrowed time. Inviting Buhari to a security meeting in Rwanda is like asking the Hyena to participate in a discussion on the wellbeing of the antelope. Buhari's government has failed woefully as far as securing the lives and properties of Nigerians is concerned so therefore has nothing to offer on security matters and discussions.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

Turn A New Leaf Desists From Making Yourselves Available Tools To Our Enemies - IPOB Urges Politicians


IPOB Press Release

June 22 2022 | IPOB

Following the incessant abductions, killings, humiliation and sponsorship of all manner of criminalities in the Eastern region for quite some time now by Nigeria Government and her compromised security agencies against the innocent citizens, the IPOB remind politicians that the time has come for them to turn a new leaf, desist from making themselves available to the enemies of our people to use as tools of destabilising the Eastern Region and cause anarchy in our land or be ready to face the consequences that will follow, men of perdition must stop linking IPOB with their evil actions because we are not morally bankrupt as they the political harlots are. 

IPOB is a very disciplined, very focused freedom movement. We have no business with political criminals and we do not have any business with criminality because if IPOB engages in any form of criminality, we will be delaying the coming of an Independent Biafran Nation and we certainly have no intention or desire to delay the freedom and liberty of the Biafran people. 

IPOB has no plans neither are we complicit in the political killings, kidnapping of religious leaders and business people going on in our territory but these evil politicians working for the Nigerian government are behind and sponsoring all criminalities going-on and they must be held accountable. 

We cannot be involved in killing people we labour for, spend our resources and our lives to protect unlike the Fulanized stooges (politicians) in our land. The Nigeria Police, Army and DSS agents deployed in our land from Abuja are the key actors in the kidnapping and unlawful and unprovoked killings going-on in Anambra, Abia, Imo Ebonyi and Enugu states.

We are aware of the criminals they created to demonise IPOB and ESN, we are aware of the plans to murder politicians and businessmen and women and blame it on IPOB. We are therefore reminding these political jobbers in our land to stop sponsoring political thugs against their opponents and thinking they will demonise and bring IPOB down. It’s not possible for them. 

IPOB members are not politicians and we don’t believe in the selection process Nigeria and its Government call election. Nobody should link IPOB with the massacre and killings and kidnappings going-on in the Eastern Region.  We have published names of some of those politicians and their thugs responsible for these criminalities happening now in the region as well as the Nigerian Army harbouring in their Barracks Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen to attack our land and kidnap for ransom.

IPOB cannot engage in such cowardly act, it is abominable, we are not politicians nor do we have rival opponents in our fight to liberate our land and people in it, we concern and occupy ourselves with freedom and security of Biafrans and therefore cannot afford to kill those we are fighting for their freedom. 

IPOB is hereby alerting our people to be careful with whom they do things because there is danger ahead which is the result of our politicians having sold out their people for a pot of porridge.

Anybody linking IPOB with the criminal acts happening in the Eastern region will have IPOB to contend with. IPOB would not allow anyone to drag our hard earned International standing and reputations to the mud. If we are terrorists the European Union (EU) cannot afford to allow IPOB to demonstrate in their headquarters in Brussels Belgium. Therefore, anybody or media who report IPOB as terror group or prescribe group should purely examine themselves in the psychiatrist centre. 

We are not interested in the selection process called Nigeria election, yet we cannot afford to allow anyone or group behind the killings and kidnap in our land to continue. 

Politicians in the Eastern region must desist from evil acts such as using thugs to attack their perceived political stumbling block with the evil intention that IPOB would be blamed without investigation. Whosoever allows himself/herself as willing tools in the hands of politicians would regret such action soon.


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

IPOB Secures Liaison Office In Catalonia And Encourages Other Members In Diaspora To Secure Other Offices For IPOB


IPOB Press Release

June 21 2022 | IPOB

We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to inform Biafrans friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom across the globe that IPOB has secured a liaison office and officially inaugurated same on Saturday 12th June, 2022.

The feat is another indication that Biafrans are ready and going home anytime soon and we are going to show the world that IPOB remain resolute and peaceful in the pursuit for Biafra liberation and only in a peaceful strategy can achieve the aims which is the only way to seek for total freedom from a country like Nigeria and her citizens like Fulani and also to let them know that we have no hands in the insecurity ravaging the whole Eastern region but Fulani and their collaborators in our land. 

We once again notify the public that Nigeria Government and its security agencies especially the Fulani terrorists in military uniform and deployed in Biafraland are the key actors in the kidnapping and the unprovoked killings in the Eastern region.

Nigeria Government and her security operatives with enormous resources within  their reach which includes, logistics, money consultation with British manpower within their reach strategically schemes perfect ways to consistently incriminate IPOB and ESN activities which transcend beyond the boundaries of Nigeria to Kenya from where our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU a (British Citizen) was kidnapped and extraordinarily renditioned since one year ago and no one says a word even Britain where he chose to become citizen of their country. 

The leadership of IPOB commend Biafrans more especially IPOB members in Catalonia for their efforts towards securing the office in Catalonia. Also encourages other members in the diaspora to secure other offices in their respective countries for IPOB and Biafra Nation for strategic use shortly. 

IPOB members in Catalonia has made us proud in their country of residence and their contributions which is in no small measures towards restoration of Biafra would surely not be regretted. 

We want to let everyone know that Biafra will soon emerge and all those doubting Thomases among us thinking that Biafra is not coming would be perplexed and some would proceed on shameful self-exile when Biafra eventually comes. 


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

IPOB Exposes FG Plot To Depopulate Biafrans Through Planting Of IEDs And Bombs In A Strategic Areas In Biafraland To Indicts ESN


IPOB Press Release

June 06 2022 | IPOB 

We are the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to alert Biafrans and the International community that the Nigeria security agents especially Nigeria Army have changed tactics in its desperation to indicts IPOB and ESN volunteers. The Nigerian terrorists in army uniform has now resorted to planting bombs in Biafraland in pursuance of its evil agenda to commit mass murder of our people.

It is on record that IPOB, ESN, Volunteers and members have no business with IEDs because we do not need IEDs to drive Fulani terrorist Herdsmen from our forests and Farm lands. The Nigerian army however now populated or made up of Boko Haram and ISWAP are known to use IEDs because of their unquenching taste for innocent blood. 

We urge Biafrans citizens and general public to be wary of the latest depopulation, indictment and victims blaming strategy being adopted by the Nigeria Army and DSS agents which qualifies as Nigerian State sponsored terrorism against the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Nigeria Government in their desperation to diminish the outstanding global reputation of IPOB and ESN at home, has fully institutionalised kidnapping in the South East as a secret revenue machine of the Government against the Igbos and the South. 

They are no longer satisfied with the Army and Police road blocks on every kilometre on our roads which extort billions of dollars from Biafrans yearly. Now they have notched it up a bit with kidnappings through the instrumentality of their Security agencies and its militia the Fulani terrorist Herdsmen.

It's unfortunate, absurd, disgraceful, humiliating, scandalous and cheap that Nigeria Government instead of simply heeding to the call by the International community to dialogue with IPOB leadership and give us right by organizing a referendum for Biafrans to decide their fate as a viable solution.  

Has rather insisted in flooding the Military, Immigration, Customs, Defense Counter Terrorists, DSS and other paramilitary agencies in the Biafran Territory fully armed to the teeth with guns and bombs which they now plant in our land at strategic locations that only them knows about. These IEDs they can activate, deactivate and exhume them at will in company of Government accredited media house members and staff for disinformation documentary and campaign against IPOB. 

IPOB is a globally registered and recognised peaceful movement and cannot associate itself with explosives over political solutions because we value the lives of those for whom we agitate for their freedom. IPOB will only accept and do anything that will guarantee us freedom from Nigeria, this is not to say that our ingenuity, abundant talents and competencies are in doubt should the push comes to shove.

Nigeria army burying explosives in the land of Biafra is to let our people know that Nigeria Government and its compromised security agencies especially army and DSS will like to kill every single person moving around in Biafraland and make a clear way for Fulani to take over our ancestral lands. The international community knows that IPOB does not engage in explosives as Nigeria security agencies especially DSS and army personnel want them to believe but it important that we restate this fact that our struggle has no need of bombs and IEDs. 


Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike